Afraid of Being Too Heavy, Hypermotion Technology FIFA 22 Isn’t Coming to PC

EA just announced a few days ago, fifa 22 The PC version seems to have received criticism. This happens because EA has previously confirmed that the PC version of this game will not receive a visual upgrade to the next-gen. It doesn’t seem to stop here. For fear of being too heavy, hypermotion technology won’t finally officially arrive fifa 22 pc.

famous football game announcement fifa 22 At first got a good welcome from lovers Sports games. However, it is not going to last long as PC users are not getting some of the latest technologies. Fans who heard this also asked why EA did this. It turns out that this is related to the performance of his game on the PC platform.

Why EA removes Hypermotion in FIFA 22 PC version

This news was immediately confirmed pc gamer through his articles. Through this post EA explains its reasons for eliminating this technology on the PC platform. In EA’s opinion, they had to remove the technology for fear of disrupting the comfort of PC users. The reason is that if this technology is present on the platform, then the minimum specifications that exist will also increase.

For this game to run optimally on the PC platform, EA will have to suppress a number of things, including eliminating hypermotion and next-gen visual technology. This reason directly proves that the EA wants to provide opportunities for the users. pc lowspec. As more PC users can access this game, definitely sales fifa 22 will increase.

About Hypermotion Technology

About Hypermotion Technology | EA

fifa 22 Will use Hypermotion technology, which combines “advanced 11v11 match capture” technology and machine learning To deliver the most realistic, fluid and responsive football experience.

This hypermotion technology enables the integration of the movements of 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. In addition, the algorithm machine learning EA has studied over 8.7 million match frames and written new animations online real time To make the most organic football moves.

The absence of this technology is certainly quite regrettable, given that the PC market itself is quite dominant in the franchise. fifa for the year. just a reminder, that fifa 22 It will release on 1 October 2021. You can later play this game on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Stadia platforms. What do you think are you interested?

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