Creators Super Fest 2019: Jakarta Get Ready! This is the line up of creators making a splash at the SMESCO Hall exhibition

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This year, the Creators Super Fest is gearing up to bring a line up of regional creators from Indonesia and a line up from Asian creators. starting from the range Cosplay, Doujin (fan art), illustration battles, games competition, anisong music and Too much. Stage performance in SMESCO Exhibition Hall for 2 (two) days in Jakarta.

You can check out the full lineup of the official LINE UP cast and select guests who will make their appearance on the main stage of #CSF2019 Jakarta below:

  1. Featured Guest Cosplayers: Lee and Mickey (Malaysia)
  2. Featured Guest Cosplayers: Ming Tao (Vietnam)

“fight” The most awaited event on the main stage of CSF is the Art Duel Battle Tournament, where participants are free to fight and express their creativity and drawing skills with any painting software.

Famous creators from Taiwan will bring this duality to life:

  1. Featured Guest Illustrator: Kranz (Taiwan)
  2. Featured Guest Illustrator: Soyatu (Indonesia)
  3. Featured Guest Illustrator: Tian Muhammad (Indonesia)

Don’t miss the awaited performance at the end of the event: Anisong’s electronic setlist will bring you vibu squad Waving and stomping on the CSF main stage:

  1. Featured guest musicians: wild party
  2. Featured guest musicians: red shift
  3. Featured guest musicians: OTA Groove
  4. Featured guest musicians: sOBA
  5. Featured guest musicians: lazurite
  6. Featured guest musicians: nano symphony
  7. Featured guest musicians: renich

Regional virtual talent brings new attractions to the main stage of CSF. Visitors can interact and express their virtual favorites live with them. Check out the line up here:

  1. Virtual Talent Features: KMNZ (Japan)
  2. Virtual Talent Features: Minchan (Indonesia)
  3. Virtual Talent Features: Maya Daughter (Indonesia)
  4. Virtual Talent Features: Hana Macchia, Zea Cornelia, Taka Radziman from Nijisanji ID (Indonesia)

Get Updates for LINE UP Virtual Talent CSF2019 Jakarta on Official Web & FB Fanpage Creators Super Fest

The 2 (two) day Creators Super Fest Jakarta event is incomplete without a community-based competition, including visitors who can register to attend and compete in the CSF Jakarta Main Stage, participating in three exciting competitions each year Taking:

  • cosplay competition
  • art dueling competition
  • tournament game

The winner of the competition can take home the prize in the form of millions of cash provided by the official sponsor of CSF –CIMB Niaga Indy Savings Account.

Daily Pass CSF2019 Jakarta Tokopedia can be obtained on official web.

Online (early bird) IDR 55,000 and on-the-spot (at each location) IDR 68,000.

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