Day R Premium MOD APK 1.764 (Free Shopping) for Android.

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Imagine having nothing left to live for amid the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world. And in the devastated world outside, your wife and children are lost, scared. Who knows, they may have become victims of disasters. Learn more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game takes place in a fictional future where the world was destroyed by nuclear wars that suddenly came out of nowhere. Imagine waking up one day and seeing that everything around you has been destroyed. With just some vague impressions you have no recollection of it. Now the only thing on your mind is to find your wife and children.

With nothing left and an uncertain future, you must travel to the Wasted Lands and try to escape the hardships of post apocalypse world, And on the other hand, your family is still out there alone, not knowing whether they were able to survive these events or not.

With the world falling apart, an earth is being threatened by toxic radiations and deadly viruses that are causing a lot of death. While your family’s chances of survival are not that high, you are determined to find them.

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Sustain yourself by searching for food and supplies in abandoned shelters and buildings. Find weapons so that you can prepare yourself when dealing with monsters and enemies. Overcome devastating diseases, reduce your appetite, and more.

Spend your time exploring buildings and facilities to look for materials, use your handy crafting skills to craft useful materials. Create yourself various items ranging from weapons, equipment, even vehicles. During this time you will realize that your knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics in high school can come in handy.

Dress up and start your journey through the vast lands of the devastated USSR. Discover the secrets behind the accidents and recover your lost memories.

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Here you will find all the exciting gameplay the game has to offer:

Experience the hardcore survival experiences with intense gameplay

For the first time ever, Android gamers will have a chance to indulge in this amazing hardcore survival game. Have you introduced yourself to a vast and dangerous world. Spend your time gathering and finding all the necessary items to maintain and equip yourself.

Find yourself surrounded by all kinds of difficulties. From the cold and hunger of post-apocalyptic Russia to the dangerous infected zombies that lurk around you. Deadly radiation is still present and can cause serious damage to your body. This game is no joke because usually you will get very little time to slow down.

Enjoy the realistic with interactive environment

Featuring massive environments and many interactive elements, the creators of tltGames have turned this game from a simple survival game into an extremely interesting survival game. Having said that, the player can expose himself to various factors such as changing weather, massive maps with hidden secrets, intense environment, and more.

With over 2700 different towns and cities to discover, you’ll have the chance to discover the vast Russian Empire through many facets. And be careful with the animals around you, because in such a destructive world even a small mouse can harm you.

Explore endless possibilities with crafting features

And when you’re caught up in such a crazy world, it’s only natural for you to want to know a little bit about crafting. That being said, in Day Are Premium, players will have the opportunity to use creativity to create great content.

With different materials that you can find in all kinds of places, players can create awesome items that can help them in this war-torn world. That being said, you can explore the endless possibilities in Day R Premium and create all kinds of crafts. Collect hundreds of awesome crafting recipes, level up your skills to unlock more crafting options, and so on.

Embark on an exciting journey through the open world

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And in The Dark World, players will travel through many different countries, largely in Russian. Encounter many strangers and join their stories, discover many exciting quests and help your allies. Who knows, you might need their help in the future were you were able to befriend them. Follow the captivating stories as you slowly uncover the secrets along with your fragmented memories.

Develop your character and improve his skills

The biggest thing is that the players in the game have to be extremely competent, not only in terms of knowledge but also in how you put them into practice. So if you want to get ahead in this game, it is important that you raise your skill level through practice. Apart from this, you also get to learn all the essential skills that are required to survive in the jungle.

Learn to be a mechanic so you can build awesome builds or even build a vehicle that can get you to different places quickly. Become a blacksmith and learn how to forge powerful weapons and tools to aid you in your survival journey. And finally, you can use the physics and chemistry skills you’ve learned throughout your time in high school.

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And to make the game more exciting, gamers are also introduced to exciting and addictive online gameplay. That being said, you can join the exciting co-operative mode with your friends. Team up and fight against the dangerous zombies and monsters that are threatening you.

To support you, Day R Premium also comes with online chat that allows gamers to comfortably communicate with each other during battle. Plus, you can even exchange your items so that both of you get the best out of what you’ve got. Explore the massively multiplayer survival game in Day Are Premium.

And if you want, you can challenge other online gamers to exciting survival matches. Compete yourself with the best survival experts in the world.

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Enjoy free and unlocked gameplay with our mods

And for those who want to take complete control of the game, our Day R Premium MOD APK Will definitely satisfy you. Download and install the game on your device completely free of charge. On top of that, you can enjoy free and unlocked gameplay with our mods. Buy everything you like without sharing anything. Speed ​​up your in-game process and spend more time enjoying the stories.

visual and sound quality


In Day Are Premium, gamers will get introduced to a dark, burning and intoxicating world right from the start thanks to the well-designed environment and characters. On top of that, the high-resolution images also make your experiences much better.

Furthermore, the game is relatively smooth due to the optimized graphics. Hence, you can explore the massive open world without being bothered by lag or stuttering. However, if you are using a low-end device, the game may lag when you are online due to the huge number of online gamers.


With a powerful and immersive soundtrack throughout your adventure, in Day Are Premium players will find themselves truly immersed in the lost world of post-apocalyptic Russia. Put on your headphones and feel the depth and breadth of the open world map. Hear every minute detail of the things happening around you.

Download Day R Premium Mod APK Latest 1.764 Android

For fans of the survival game genre, Day R Premium can easily be one of your favorite Android games, thanks to its amazing and addictive gameplay. Not to mention that our modified version of this game will greatly enhance your experiences. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the epic world of Day R Premium.

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