Difference Vertical Front Grip vs Angled Front Grip

By | June 18, 2022

Angled Foregrip PUBG – PUBG is a battle royale game that is currently being loved by mobile or PC game lovers. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG Game (read as PUBG Game) is an old game that was played only on PC.

But now along with the development of PUBG game technology, the mobile version has been officially released. Since the PUBG game can be played on smartphone devices, the game has instantly become one of the most popular games and the PUBG game has been downloaded over 100 million times by the time this article was published.

The only thing is that not all smartphone users can enjoy playing pubg games. The reason for this is that in order to be able to install and play the PUBG game on a smartphone, you need a smartphone with high enough specs so that you can get the experience of playing the PUBG game with good graphics.

This is one of the drawbacks of the PUBG game which can be termed as unfriendly for mediocre smartphone owners. Apart from this, in PUBG game you can choose your own graphic quality settings like High, Medium and Low.

Difference Vertical Front Grip vs Angled Front Grip

Talking about the PUBG game, on this occasion noos.co.id will share information about the grip and its use in the PUBG game. Among the many PUBG game grips, two of the most popular and frequently asked grips are vertical foregrip and PUBG Mobile’s angled foregrip.

Well, from the two PUBG grips, maybe you are still not aware of the difference between vertical foregrip and angled foregrip. So on this occasion noos.co.id will fully explain it for you.

As we know, the grip is one of the most important attachments that are placed on the lower rail of the weapon. By adding grip to the bottom rail of your weapon, you’ll receive a number of benefits such as reducing recoil on your weapon, ADS speed, and more.

There are many grips available when you play pubg game, Vertical Foregrip and Angled Foregrip apart from pubg there are many more grips that you will get. What are the catches and what are the differences? Let’s take a look below.

angled foregrip

The angled foregrip is a grip that is highly recommended for those of you who like to play attacking and close quarter loadouts. This angel grip will give effect by reducing 20 percent horizontal recoil and recoil pattern.

So you can target enemies that move at a more steady pace in burst or auto fire modes.

Now this is why the angled foregrip is highly recommended or suitable for your use when fighting at fairly close ranges. Because some players will not dodge sideways when they meet the enemy.

Using the angled foregrip you no longer need to fear or dodge to avoid your enemies because the angled foregrip of your weapon will not miss your target.

In addition, the angled foregrip also reduces the speed of the ADS which will make you more prepared to fight at close range. You can engage weapons in the angled foregrip with the M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, Beryl M762‎‎, Mk47.

vertical foregrip

Vertical foregrip can reduce vertical recoil on weapons. The vertical foregrip is highly recommended or suitable for those of you who play defense and range loadouts because of course you will tap and shoot more often.

By reducing vertical recoil by 15% and recoil pattern by 20%, it will make it easier and more comfortable for you to shoot your enemies from afar.

However if we look at the description of this one item, which is to reduce the speed of the ADS, this effect never really exists. You can install the vertical foregrip on the M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, KRISS Vector, SKS, Tommy Gun, AUG A3, QBZ95, Mk47 weapons.

half grip

This grip is different from the vertical foregrip and angled foregrip in PUBG. Half Grip appears on PUBG Patch 12 and PUBG Mobile Patch 0.7.0 with thumb grip and light grip.

By using the Half Grip, you can slightly reduce your weapon’s recoil horizontally or vertically, and also reduce recoil recovery time which will make your shooting more stable when shooting.

But unfortunately the benefits you get for the half grip involve sacrificing weapon stability, which causes you to lose balance when you ADS or aim your retreat.

This Half Grip is highly recommended or suitable for those of you who like to shoot spray using Burst or Auto mode. You can pair Hlf Grip with M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, Vector, SKS, AUG A3, KRISS Vector, QBZ95, Mk47.

light grip

The Light Grip appears on the same patch as the Half Grip and Thumb Grip. This item will give you recoil recovery in which your crosshair and target will return to the original point when shooting.

This is just a side effect of what it causes, namely increasing your horizontal and vertical recoil, meaning you can no longer shoot in the spray.

The side effect caused by light grip makes light grip less attractive for PUBG players. You can pair the Light Grip with M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, KRISS Vector, QBZ95, Beryl M762, Mk47.

thump grip

The thump grip can be said to be a close relative of the half grip and the light grip. Because this year all three grips are seen together. The thumb grip has the potential to increase ADS speed and weapon stability and can also reduce vertical recoil.

But unfortunately the thump grip will increase your recoil horizontally which means you will find it a bit difficult to shoot your enemies who go to the side. You can pair Thump Grip with M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, QBZ95, Mk47.

last word

This is our explanation of Angled Foregrip PUBG and the difference Vertical Foregrip with other PUBG Grips. Thank you, hope this will be useful and help you to understand different grips in PUBG game.

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