District 9 film directors working on AAA multiplayer shooter game

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1 aPa That Gunzilla Games?

Neil Blomkamp | Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games was founded in 2020 and began pre-production on its first game. The studio features a number of developers who previously worked for Crytek, Ubisoft, EA, and more.

Speaking to IGN, Blomkamp explained that the chief visionary’s unusual role was to act as an “egalitarian version of being a film director”. They had to work with different parts of the team to decide the best route for the design, audio, Tell a story, and many more.

“It comes from bringing directing skills that I’ve had with earlier films to the aesthetics of gaming,” Blomkamp said.

Blomkamp also admitted that he has no experience in game development and will be working with other creative seniors to make sure his vision can work.

2 Work on AAA multiplayer shooter games

District 9 Sports AAA Director
Image credit: Gunzilla Games

While Blomkamp’s role in Gunzilla Games is a long-term one, the director’s sole focus is District 9 It is currently working on a game multiplayer shooter AAA that has a narrative element.

When asked by IGN if Blomkamp could compare his narrative role to that of George R.R. Martin? elden ringThe response was very simple, “You’re thinking the right way.”

Blomkamp also stated that the game has no open connection to any of his films, although he did mention a possible setting of the game. “I think the idea of ​​science fiction is established near future Something very interesting. Conceptually, as well as from a visual and design standpoint, this is my favorite area,” Blomkamp said.

District 9 Sports AAA Director
Image credit: Gunzilla Games

It became very clear that Blomkamp saw gaming not as a hobby, but as the next step. His history as a director includes visual effects, writing and directing which is still used heavily in the making of games.

Gunzilla Games and their games appear to be a means for Blomkamp to develop further in the years to come. “Game Will” […] Be like a movie in the twentieth century. They will only become the dominant form of cultural entertainment and [saya ingin] Be in it,” Blomkamp said.

Blomkamp continued, “Putting our history together means I’ve wanted to build a studio into making games for a very long time. So if the game is a success and all goes well, I hope I can.” Will be in Gunzilla for a long time.

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