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Idle Courier Tycoon is a fun clicker game where you grow your small courier service company into a huge freight business. If you like idle screen-touching games like Prison Empire Tycoon or Stone Park Tycoon, the adventure of Idle Courier Tycoon will immerse you in the experience for hours. In the game, you will work to improve every aspect of the business.

At the beginning of the game, the gamer has only a pickup truck, he has a worker and a machine which works slowly to start the job. As a courier company, your goal is to deliver all your packages as quickly as possible. To do your work, tap on each element. Every time a package is successfully delivered, the player receives money and uses it as an investment.

The game properly simulates a large system for your development. You will earn a lot of money in the game. This means that your system will cost you a lot of money later on. Passive style is no stranger, all we need is patience.

General Information

In Idle Courier Tycoon, your goal is to increase the workforce, be productive and efficient to get things done as quickly as possible. Each innovation helps you complete packages faster and manage the entire delivery process to earn the most profit per second. Don’t forget to monitor your investments to find out which ones are most profitable or losing money.

Not only that, but the journey to get rich in Idle Courier Tycoon also puts you ahead of many paths. Players have to decide which one is best for their business. Delivery fragile products, fresh produce, or anything a customer needs. Download and play Idle Courier Tycoon, earning huge fortunes as you build your transport empire.

How to play Idle Courier Tycoon?

The primary task of the player upon arrival in Idle Courier Tycoon is to coordinate and operate the activities of the freight company. As a simulation game, the operating procedures and parts of the company are extremely intuitive and easy to understand. Players will follow the operational process from receiving the goods to sorting the items. Then, packing and delivering it for delivery to the carrier.

The operating room is where office staff work, manage bookkeeping and test the rise of merchandise. They will provide benefits to the players in proportion to the revenue of the production and shipping units in the company. There are two shipping units in the game, the unit that delivers the goods to the company and the unit that delivers the goods to the consignee. We simulate the entity transporting the goods to the company in the most comfortable way.

Players will observe the process from the moment the trucks bring the goods to the company, to the sorting of the goods on the conveyor belt that come from their territories. Each truck will carry a certain amount of cargo and will take time to unload. Players can upgrade the amount of cargo per vehicle and reduce the unloading time to speed up the work of the transport department.

Conveyor belt is a device for conveying goods in production and packaging departments. We separate the cargo from the truck and then put it on a conveyor for sorting. There will be a lot of different stuff, and that’s part of what will help differentiate them. Players can increase the speed of the conveyor belt so that goods can be spread faster. Finally, level up so that the goods become more abundant and varied.

Small factories where products are received and packaged before they reach the recipient. There are many packaging factories for clothes, vegetables, machinery and technology. Players can use the money to upgrade and build more small workshops if they have a position in the company. We can upgrade the packaging workshops to speed up the unloading and increase the number of employees working in the workshops.

A packaging workshop is also the primary source of income for the company. Every second the player will receive a certain amount of money corresponding to the production speed and production of goods. When they own the required amount, players can move their company to new locations that are larger, have more space, and will also have higher productivity.

holistic assessment

Idle Courier Tycoon covers the background of express business which is widely contacted by home users. Players operate a courier company in the game. Starting with the construction of the most basic transshipment center, you will increase the degree of mechanization of logistics and transportation. Then, adding various transit facilities of various types and functions gradually made his express company number one in the world. The game’s viewing angle and style adopt the general style of simulated business games on the market. Exquisite and realistic images and shapes, smooth experience, real transportation process and friendly theme make players feel more sincerity of the game.

The gameplay of Idle Courier Tycoon is very versatile. In the beginning, you can complete your understanding of the game by following the beginners guide. After completing the initial operation, you can upgrade to the entire link to improve each link. You can improve the efficiency of each link by solving inefficient nodes on the process links to speed up the movement of logistics. Then, get more income, and invest in the growth of the company. Finally, develop the company into a large-scale world-class enterprise.

Idle Courier Tycoon is a highly entertaining game. So, the background music of the game has a light, playful rhythm, which creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere for the experienced person. There is no shortage of sound effects in the game, through which upgrades and money can be collected during the operation of the workshop.

The graphics of the game are brightly colored. In animation form, the game summarizes the job of a company manager. In the game, the staff, machines and scenes are well designed to bring experience and fun to the players.

Idle Courier Tycoon offers players a very interesting experience in becoming the manager and director of the company. The game realistically simulates the running and operation of a shipping company with multiple stages. If you’re looking for an enjoyable, relaxing game with a slight managerial nature, Idle Courier Tycoon is worth at least one experience.

Idle City Empire is a lightweight farm game with hands-free game mode. Through the game, you can easily play, manage and upgrade your farm at any time to get huge profits.

The game is of idle genre. The hands-free gameplay of the game will be suitable for players who are short on time. You will harvest crops by clicking on boxes containing plants and animals. The more clicks you make, the more money will increase. Then you can easily upgrade with the money you earn.

last word

Idle Courier Tycoon MOD APK Domestic is a mobile game launched by the game company Funplus, which has a background in express logistics and transportation. Players will enter the express delivery industry in the game. You will start on the first level of Express Delivery. Then, move on to the various links in the express delivery process. In addition, you must vigorously enhance the machinery manufacturing industry and build the world’s strongest express delivery company.

From experience, the core concept of Idle Courier Tycoon does not have more highlights than normal placement simulation business mobile games. It chooses to express delivery logistics in a very specific industry sector on this topic.

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