Download Instagram Aero Apk latest version 2022

now for android Instagram Aero Apk latest version 2022 free download. This app will enhance your overall experience while using the popular Instagram.

Instagram Aero Apk latest version 18.0.2 available in 2022. You can download the latest Aero Instagram update from this article.

Instagram Aero (Insta Aero) Apk . About this

Instagram Aero APK is an Android application that aims to provide great features for Instagram users. THOUSAND BOZKURT is the man behind this app and it is mainly made for mod lovers. It also introduced WhatsApp Mode called WhatsApp Aero, which was sourced from Fudge Mode.

Instagram Aero Apk
Instagram Aero Apk

He mainly focused on the theme part of each mod he made. We recommend Aero Mods more than others for the theme and UI. Unlike other mods, Aero mods always focus on updates as updates are necessary to avoid security concerns.

Meanwhile, from the update, the end user can also benefit from new features and optimizations developed by the official team. By the way, InstaAero is a new application and it is basically based on the InstaMod application developed by Krogon500.

Instagram Aero 18.0.2 Latest Version APK Features

  • Fixed: Some crash and clone version bugs of v18.0.
  • The “mark as read” feature is now faster and more stable than the previous AeroInsta version!
  • The baseline was updated to
  • Optimized download feature (more stable).
  • Optimized long tap to view profile picture in comments.
  • Improved: More stable ad blocker.
  • New fonts added to “Typewriter Fonts” (AeroInsta Settings >> Stories >> Typewriter Fonts).
  • New comment translation/copying system (thanks to Omvir S).
  • Added: Hide Live View. Live broadcast owners are never notified that you are watching their live broadcast.
  • This way you can watch the live stream without the live streamers knowing (AeroInsta Settings >> Privacy >> Hide Live View).
  • Added: Improvements in story upload quality (AeroInsta Settings >> Stories >> Story Upload Quality Improvements).

How to Download Instagram Aero APK Latest Version in 2022?

  • Firstly go to Instagram Aero Apk direct download page. click on this link for
  • Download Aero Instagram Mod v18.0.2 Apk from here.
  • Then install the APK and enjoy all its features.
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