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By | June 19, 2022

File Loading Screen FF Max – Battle Royale game play is really the most enjoyable activity, even the fun it gets is able to entertain anyone who is feeling bored, sad, bored and even tired. That the pile is able to relieve the stress caused by the work.

The appearance of battle royale free fire game is definitely capable of creating entertainment and is loved by everyone from kids to adults, especially if you play this game with our friends, the excitement level and definitely You might even lose track of time and forget everything.

But when you play free fire game, of course, at the beginning of this ff game, there will be a loading screen, whether it is in ff max or in normal ff game, everything will have a loading screen which displays the main image Because this image cannot be automatically changed from the default Free Fire game.

File Loading Screen FF Max L

Many people are bored with the screen when they first want to enter the ff game, now this is where will provide an explanation of the loading screen file for ff max or simple ff, if you are bored with it Have default theme display, you can try this method to change the appearance, more detail information please see below.

FF Max File Loading Screen Review

Let’s discuss about the beginning of the opening of the Free Fire game, that is, there will be a loading screen FF display automatically, and this cannot be changed, but if you are bored because the theme you find is just that, then You can change this in the File Loading Screen section. Free fire to make it more interesting.

This FF loading screen is able to change the opening theme of the opening when loading the file, so the resulting display will definitely be different, and definitely a lot more interesting and unique, if you are a FF player whose people get bored easily. Because gaining you presence is just that – that’s all.

It is very suitable if you use this ff max loading screen file, the method is very easy and simple, we just need to install normal ff loading screen script and ff max in our free fire game, like this The display will change significantly, of course we will get the following: Interesting things and can change to your heart’s content.

Advantages of FF File Loading Screen

Like the point above, when we open the Free Fire game for the first time, there will definitely be a login and it will display the Free Fire screen that is loading, of course the image is a special theme for FF games and may not be Can be changed automatically because it is permanent.

But by taking advantage of this ff max loading screen file, we can immediately change the appearance that from the default to the appearance according to what you want, and of course it is very interesting, and will not be boring.

The advantage of this Free Fire loading screen file is to change the appearance of the Free Fire game loading screen, that’s how we’ll get it straight, the display will look much cooler and also interesting, which obviously won’t bore you and also bore you.

In addition, has provided several loading screen files so there will be no boredom, if you are bored you can immediately change to another loading screen which is much cooler, if you really like this free one. If you’re interested in using the Fire loading screen, you should be able to see it right below it.

Download File Loading Screen FF

As for the general Free Fire FF Max screen loading files, the admin has presented them, and there are many files that you can use, of course, each Free Fire FF Max screen loading file has its own advantages, and multiple FF screen loading Files are available.

Of course, at the beginning of the loading screen, when you apply the file, the Free Fire game will change according to what you choose, but when you get tired of using it, you can choose another , like that surely there will be no boredom, because it has a different form- different.

Loading Screen Theme: Akatsuki Naruto

For the first time, you can download the Naruto Akatsuki Theme, so that the look you get when you want to log in will have a different look that will obviously look cool and attractive because it uses the Naruto Akatsuki screen.

Of course it will be different from the original, if you like naruto movie anime, this screen is indispensable for you, if you are curious and interested to use it, please download it directly through the link below.

Loading Screen Theme : Cars Anime

If you like cartoon anime cars, this is super cool mobile racing mobile, then you can directly use this theme, of course this theme is suitable for your use so that the appearance looks more cooler and attractive too.

So when you apply this theme, your main look will look like a cool mobile one like in trending anime, for download link, please see below.

Screen loading theme: Una Tiktok

Maybe some readers are tiktok and like tiktok, if this is true as well as you are a fan of free fire and tiktok game, then there is a topic that we can meet, which is una tiktok.

This theme has a super cool, unique appearance, and definitely looks special, especially since the main theme has an appearance that doesn’t necessarily make us like it more at the beginning of the game, if you’re interested in using it. If you have, please download it through the link given below.

Loading Screen Theme : Evos Notnot

For others, also provides theme as evos notnot, now in this section if you are a fan of evos not then definitely, you should not use this theme, because it has an attractive There is appearance that you can get as a loading screen theme. Your free fire

Having a super unique and attractive appearance, it makes us more comfortable to play free fire game, and want to play it for a long time, if you are really curious and want to use this theme, you can download it directly You can download through the link given below.

Actually there are still a lot of cool themes for loading screen free fire max and regular ff that you can use, but the above theme is more than enough, because it has super cool and attractive appearance, who don’t know how to use it. Please see below to use.

How to Use the FF Max File Loading Screen

The tutorial on how to actually set it up is very easy and also simple, we can just follow the steps below, like later we will get a different look immediately, definitely it’s much more unique and interesting Also, just follow the steps below to do it.

  1. First, please download the file loading screen ff link above
  2. Then open ZArchiver apk, then find the file and extract it here
  3. After that you will get the file which was just extracted, please copy the file
  4. Please go to Internal Memory > Android > Data > com.dts.freefirema > contencache > Essentials > Android > GameSetBundle > Audio > BGM > and then paste/paste.
  5. When you’re done, just open your Free Fire game
  6. Then automatically main view will be different as you want
  7. What happened?

last word

For the complete information on how to change the loading screen for Free Fire Max and Regular FF by admin, all you have to do is follow the above points, like later you will get what you want .

Please follow the steps above, you can change everything immediately and the theme used will no longer be bored, and the theme can be changed as you wish, thank you, good luck.

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