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By | July 3, 2022

Free Fire News FF Account Birthday FF ​​is looking up gamers and this time admin provides information on how to find out the date our Free Fire account has been created.

Maybe for free fire users there are people who want to know what day and date and year our free fire account was created, this is how you can use the same tutorial from start to finish creating your ff account You can know everything till date. The administrator discussed

Of course, knowing the date of birth of our Free Fire account is very easy, so the age of the Free Fire account in use can be ascertained, whether our Free Fire account is old or new, if you’re curious about the information we review. So, make sure you keep reading this article till the end.


In this section it is important to see the date of birth of our Free Fire account, so when the account is tall enough to create FF the performance you will get when playing matches will be even better then you can also tell how long FF will last. We have created this account so that friends can be sure knowing that if an old ff account is created it will be noticed and trusted because it has been months playing free fire games.

What is Free Fire News?

free fire news is ff fire news where by seeing this news we can know about seconds, hours, free fire account creation date and other so that we can get information about free fire account, in this way we can know How old is the account that we create it.

So with the evidence contained in the information, the free fire account you have is very valuable, and the price you will get if you want to sell it will be much more expensive than the ff account that was just created , and we will sell the account in the market then also get big profit.

In addition, the game statistics you get are great, how many times you have won and how many times you have lost and so on. Free Fire gamers, now for those who can’t wait to see the date to create our Free Fire account, please see full details below.

How to Check Our Free Fire Account Creation Date on Freefirenews

To see what date ff account was created the method is very simple, anyone can implement it so they can see our ff account creation just make sure to follow the steps below.

1. Please open your Free Fire account and then enter the Events menu
2. If you are already in the Events menu, you can disable cellular data or temporarily turn off your Internet data
3. If you have turned off the data then you can click on visit in any event, visit must be written on it
4. After clicking on visit, you can copy it to https:// section, for example like in the image below.
5. If you have restarted your cellular data and enter the address freefirenew
6. Then please paste the link you just copied in the column if it is already clicked on get notification
7. Then afterwards the Free Fire date of birth information that you have from the date of creation to the present will be displayed immediately
8. Once you have managed to see the date of birth of your own ff account

Now that you have seen your Free Fire account date of birth, please take a picture so that you can remember it and know it forever.

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last word

Hopefully what I have said in this article can be useful for those who need information about Free Fire News. By looking at the FF account date of birth, be sure to follow the instructions above so that you can find out in detail.

Stay tuned for the latest updates every day, as it will review information about games, applications, cheats, tips and tricks, etc. Thank You

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