FX Master Mod Apk Download (Unlocked VIP) 2020

By | June 22, 2020

FX Master Mod Apk Download (Unlocked VIP)

Wanna bring your video to Hollywood-level and make it look amazingly fantastic? FX Master Mod Apk is right here to make your desire come true with one single click!

Enhancing magic of video with wide range of trendiest and charming effects in FX Master studio, your creativity and inspiration will be fully released with us.

It is much easier to use than your imagination! Even beginners and casual users can quickly have fun in making masterpieces with handpicked effect selections. Are you ready to rock everybody? Now it is your show time to share outstanding work and cool moment with friends on social media!

Incredible magic and stylish effects are ready to use like FIRE, LIGHTNING, BOMB… Download FX Master and get started!

FX Master Mod Apk Features

  1. No Ads
  2. Added New Filters
  3. Vip Unlocked
  4. Everything Unlocked
  5. No Root Needed

Effects and Filters in FX Master Mod Apk

  1. RGB Curves
  2. Tint
  3. Chroma Key
  4. Blur Effects
  5. Color Correction Filters
  6. Distortion Effects
  7. Transform
  8. Crop
  9. Audio Filters
  10. EQ
  11. Rolling shutter/ repair
  12. And other effects too.

With these many features, you can create a masterpiece video within hours. RGB and Chroma Effect is one of the best effects available in this app because with these apps you can control the video color process.

Features of FX Master

FX Master is an epic video editing app that allows you to create stunning videos to share to your social media accounts! Here are its features:

Huge library of effects – When we were kids, special effects on movies/shows looked so realistic to us. We probably don’t realize that it’s not real. But now that we are adults, we know that these are just computer-manipulated graphics created to look real. And thanks to FX Master, we can recreate our favorite scenes from movies/shows/anime. And in this app, there are tons of effects we can choose such as fire, explosions, magic, flying whales and more! But whatever you choose, it’s sure to attract many eyes when you post it on your social media accounts!

Ease of use – Back then, if you wanted to create special effects, you need to have some advanced tools and experts to create it for you. But thanks to the advancement of technology, all the video effects you need is in an app called FX Master. This app lets you transform your videos into stunning ones in a matter of seconds! Just select from the wide range of effects then follow the directions to shoot. It’s that easy to create and share stunning videos to your followers!

Realistic graphics – Video effects would be useless if they look extremely fake. But FX Master allows you to add realistic special effects effortlessly to your videos! To do this, they allow you to shoot your videos in real time so you will see the effects before it’s even exported!

Updated frequently – FX Master is still a new app but it promises to update its database of cool special effects every now and then! This means you’ll get to try new effects soon!

How to Use:

– Select your favorite video effect from extensive library;
– Shoot video by following our guide;
– Save and share with your friends.

We are actively designing fancy new effects and improving user-friendly features regularly every week : ) More surprise is awaiting your discovery in the future.

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