Horrorfield MOD APK 1.5.6 (All Unlocked) for Android.

By | May 25, 2023

For those of you who don’t know yet, horror games don’t get any less scary if you play them with others. But the gameplay will definitely be more fun and exciting, no matter which side you’re on. And in this intriguing mobile title from Horrorfield, Android gamers will have a chance to enjoy the exciting gameplay of puzzle solving and multiplayer action with added elements of horror.

Find yourself fully engrossed in the terrifying game featuring addictive team-based scary actions. Play with other gamers in real time and have fun discovering different sides and their unique in-game mechanics. With action-packed gameplay featuring awesome setup and interesting puzzle-solving challenges, Android gamers can have fun playing all the awesome mobile title to the fullest.

Know more about this interesting game from Skytec Games with our comprehensive reviews.

Story / Gameplay

Here in Horrorfield, Android gamers will join other groups of gamers in an abandoned Alyssum, where you have been held hostage by psychopathic criminals. Play the game as different characters with unique perks and abilities that can help you survive the wrath of enemies. But remember that even criminals have their powers. So your best chance to escape death is to work with each other and solve puzzles before the enemies discover you.

Explore terrifying bases ruled by various enemies. Learn to hide from enemies, use different items and your skills, unlock safe routes and plan your escape. Or you can even play as criminals and go on your satisfying quest for other survivors. End the game by taking them down before they can escape your base. Featuring thrilling online gameplay, Horrorfield allows Android gamers to multiply the fun and fully enjoy the addictive gameplay of mobile horror action.


Here are all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Simple controls and interactive map

To begin with, the game allows Android gamers to comfortably control their characters and interact with in-game elements, thanks to intuitive touch interactions. Here, you need to tap on only certain parts of the map to move your characters. Select certain items or items to unlock their various interactions. And use abilities and items with your immediate touches.

horrorfield screen 1

Intense and thrilling gameplay for all horror fans

In Survivor Mode, Android gamers can enjoy the similar gameplay to Smiling X2 in Horrorfield, in which you have to find all means to stay away from enemies while solving puzzles to escape the map. Have fun joining friends and online gamers in co-operative challenge where you will have to strategize your team, avoid traps and traps, use your different skills and abilities only in a limited amount of time.

Learn to work with each other, develop your own different strategies and approaches to the game, as you try to fix generators and run them all out of this place to open the door. With only one chance to try to escape, and a scary maniac with an axe, chasing you, the intense and extremely thrilling experience in Horrorfield will keep you hooked all the while.

Various survivors with unique abilities

Here in Horrorfield, Android gamers can play as different survivors, each with their own unique abilities that can help you overcome challenges and various puzzles.

  • basketball player – Use your super-fast runs to quickly escape the lunatics or trick your friends into keeping them safe.
  • doctor – Continually heal yourself and others to make sure you don’t fall down before you make it out.
  • engineer – This character can fix generators easier than other crew members. Be sure to protect her so you can team up and easily escape the establishment.
  • Thief – Like the basketball player, this team member can be used to lure enemies and distract others to escape. In addition, you can use high stealth and dexterity stats to covertly complete your missions without being detected.
  • rented – This brave and capable soldier with high morale can fight the enemies and give the members some precious moments to run away from the killer.
  • Scientist – This member provides several useful buffs to team members, including the ability to upgrade their wisdom aura and weapons.
  • Police officer – This is the online character of the game who can catch the killer and prevent him from reaching other vulnerable members.

Make good use of each member’s abilities and create your ultimate team compositions to come up with the best ways to win the game.

horrorfield screen 2

Interesting crazy mode to play as psychopath

And for those of you who are interested, you can now switch sides and play the horrifying gameplay of Horrorfield as the psychopath in the lunatic mode, in which you can have fun tracking, chasing, and taking down victims. .

Enjoy exploring the map, searching for shelters, listening to the sounds of sacred hearts and following them to find victims. Use the unique abilities of different characters to overcome certain obstacles and quickly seek targets. Take them down easily with your awesome weapons. Win the game by taking down all the victims and leaving no one alive to tell the tales.

Different psychos with unique abilities

And just like the Survivor gameplay, Maniac mode also has different characters for you to play with, each with their own unique ability to get close to prey or quickly take out targets.

  • Butcher – These characters can break generators that have been set by survivors to prevent them from escaping. Then you can either wait till the prey returns or go hunting to kill them.
  • communal – This fearsome monster is the product of a mental hospital and packs some powers for its attacks. It can sacrifice survivors for more power.
  • Evil spirit – Use your abilities to pass through walls and doors without ever opening them, with a stealthy running style, this character is great for scaring victims and terrorizing their souls.
  • Animal – The hungry werewolf monster is extremely powerful and can easily tear its victims to pieces.

Level up and upgrade your characters

During the gameplay, Android users can also enjoy interesting elements of RPG progression, which allows characters to unlock unique skills and level up their stats. Thus, giving them a better chance of winning the game no matter which side you’re on. Earn more health and better abilities to quickly escape the Establishment as one of the survivors. Or unlock better powers to help you hunt them down like crazy.

Various items and crafts to explore

Plus, the unique crafting system will allow gamers to further enjoy its creative and addictive gameplay of RPG action. Feel free to explore the massive sandbox map in search of items and items that can be used to create and upgrade items. Use their unique abilities to better equip yourself to escape the establishments as survivors. As for the madmen, all you need to do is find survivors as quickly as possible to prevent them from making any upgrades.

horrorfield screen 3

Various locations with unique settings

Here in Horrorfield, Android gamers will have a chance to enjoy exciting gameplay of RPG action and puzzle solving in different locations. With different maps, each featuring their own creepy atmosphere and unique environmental settings, you can enjoy the game in different ways.

Have more fun with Clan Mode

To ensure that you can have more fun playing the thrilling gameplay of Horrorfield, Skytec Games has also included Clan Mode for online gamers to enhance their multiplayer fun. Feel free to choose any clan you want to join, or create a new clan for yourself and your friends. Have fun exploring the many exciting and addictive clan challenges in which you can battle against members of other clans in a number of enjoyable survivor or crazy matchups.

Complete your daily quest for exclusive rewards

Plus, you can now choose to work on your daily quests for special rewards in Horrorfield. Feel free to explore the different quests each day and enjoy the game as you complete your unique objectives.

horrorfield screen 4

challenge others in the leaderboard

And for the really skilled gamers, you can now compete with the top gamers in Horrorfield by joining the incredible leaderboards. Enjoy playing games with other smart and resourceful players, which will definitely allow you to improve your skills. Climb the leaderboards and unlock your special prizes.

free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily pick it up google play store Without paying anything Enjoy playing the game with its many free features.

Unlock the full game with our mod

And if you want to enjoy ad-free and fully unlocked gameplay of Horrorfield without paying for in-app purchases, you might want to consider our modified version of the game instead. Here, you can experience the entire game without paying anything. all you need is to download Horrorfield mod apkFollow the given instructions, and start enjoying the mobile game whenever you want.

visual and sound quality


Here in Horrorfield, Android gamers are allowed to enjoy the thrilling gameplay of horror action and puzzle solving with its stunning visual elements. Here, the whole environment was designed to make you really feel like you are living in a prison with dangerous and creepy killers. Featuring realistic animations, interesting visual effects, and many other graphical elements, the game will make sure that you are always hooked to the entire experience.

sound and music

And speaking of which, the game looks extremely engaging too, featuring incredible sound effects and on-themed music. Experience the powerful soundtrack and epic sound effects that will scare and impress you with thrilling gameplay.

final thoughts

With thrilling and extremely enjoyable gameplay of horror action and puzzle solving along with addictive online experiences, in Horrorfield Android gamers can always have fun playing games with friends and online gamers. Enjoy the epic horror title in different modes and experience the great gameplay in your own way. And don’t forget to choose the free and unlocked app on our website to enjoy all its features for free.

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