How to Buy Games on Steam with Genius

Gametren – Steam has become one of the platforms that is used to buy original games very easily and quickly.

Steam also offers payment methods such as credit cards or wallets that you can choose from as per your preference. Even in Indonesia, Steam is a game purchase service that can be used for those of you who don’t have a credit card.

But luckily, there are currently a number of digital bank services that offer backing cards such as credit cards. One of these is Genius, which has been passing through here through advertisements or other mediums for a long time.

Relying on the card you received when you registered with Genius, you can buy all kinds of content on Steam, from games, DLC, videos, and more. So you can get the content you want more easily.

Now for those of you who don’t know how to buy Steam games using Genius as an alternative to credit card from a traditional bank, you can check out the following steps.

How to Buy Games on Steam with Genius

  • Open Steam App or Page
  • Select the desired game and add it basket
  • Go to cart page by pressing the icon in the top right
  • Press purchase for myself
  • choose method Visa
  • insert Card number and expiry date According to the numbers listed on the front of the Genius
  • Input security code According to the three codes listed on the backSteam Buy Billing
  • Fill in purchase information such as name, address and telephone
  • Check Save my payment information if you want to save data to make your next purchase easierSteam Buy Information
  • Press continue
  • You will be directed to the billing information page
  • tick I agree to the terms……..
  • Press Purchase if everything is rightsteam buy success

If successful, you will be immediately faced with the payment receipt page in which the total payment has been made. The game will go straight to the library and will be ready to be installed before being played on a laptop or PC.

Interestingly, buying a game using Genius doesn’t incur additional fees like an admin, so what you pay is the total price of the game. The process is also quite practical so if you don’t want to use a wallet it can be an option.

Of course, buying games using a Visa card like Genius has several advantages over Wallet. One of them is that you can send games as gifts directly to friends by pressing the buy as gift button on the cart page.

In addition, if you plan to send your balance as a gift to relatives or friends, you can also buy Steam Gift Cards using this payment method. Steam Gift Cards can later be converted into wallet balances that can be used to purchase games or other things.

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