Increase engagement rate by using the services of the commentator king

king of comments One of the popular platforms in Indonesia for providing social media marketing services.

The platform has helped a lot in developing local brands, especially for the lower middle class.


The following are some of the services available on the Komen King platform: Service List

comment service


The first service is a commenting service that aims to add comments to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube videos, Twitter uploads and more, of course.

For the price itself, starting from Rs.2,000 per comment.


survey material services

The King Komen site provides services to increase the number of people who will fill out surveys with 100% real humans.

The price is also very cheap starting from Rs 3 thousand per survey.

View Service

Also, there is a view service as a solution for Youtubers who are chasing the need of 4 thousand views.

If you try this service, you will only have to spend Rs 1,000 for a one-time viewing.

polling service

For this service, the service orderer simply provides the URL of the ongoing poll.

After that, the king of Komen sent a team that would cooperate with the voters and was ready to vote.

Micro Influencer Campaign Services

Then there is a content campaign service that is suitable for giveaways, promotion of new product releases, etc.

The campaign price is also quite affordable at IDR 2,000 per post and you can choose the target location as per your wish.

application download services

The king of comments provides services to increase the number of reviews and application downloads and ratings on Android applications and the Play Store.

The price is IDR 2,000 per review and includes downloading the application and providing a rating.

Add Service Followers or Customers

For YouTubers who still lack a minimum subscriber base so that they can monetize, they can use this one service.

Processing time is 10 days at the cost of 1.5 million for 1,000 subscribers and 1,000 Instagram followers for only 400 thousand.

Map Point Review Service

Reviewing and rating business location points can determine success in terms of bringing in multiple customers.

That’s why you need this one service at the cost of 2 thousand per review.

this is the service social media Marketing What comments does King give to increase the Engagement Rate (ER) of your business or profile. (Galuhid)

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