io Interactive’s Project 007 Will Look Like the Hitman Series

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It seems that the success of the Hitman Trilogy series has prompted IO Interactive to step out of their comfort zone. We can prove it with the announcement of their latest game called Project 007. It’s been a while since we’ve been provided with the latest information, now IO Interactive has finally come up with new news. As the title says, now Project 007 will reportedly be very similar to Hitman. How will it be? let’s follow the discussion gamedem news this.

io Interactive is actually quite famous for its formula that focuses on stealth action-themed games. This is the formula that has made his Hitman series so famous till date. Even if they want to move to the latest IP, their well-known nature will follow. This they clearly acknowledge through a recent news that we get.

Project 007 will be similar to Hitman

A few days ago, various game forums were again bustling with the latest news. application for job Courtesy of IO Interactive. In the job application, we can see that IO Interactive is looking for new employees to work on their game project. Apparently, the project they are working on is related to the 007 game. To attract new members, IO Interactive also revealed some details of the game.

As already seen, IO Interactive plans to complete the game with a third-person perspective or a stealth action formula with third-person perspective. Continuing this, they also want to find people who can create interesting maps, characters, and levels in the game. One of the things that is quite interesting from this discussion is the new AI technology that they will be focusing on in this game.

Want to focus on IO Interactive AI NPCs?

Indirectly, what they asked for would be similar to the previous Hitman game series. Including attractive level design, large map, presence of third person and interactive AI. Even so, we still can’t say for sure whether the game will be the same with Hitman. io Interactive hasn’t revealed much details about the mechanics yet.

The job application does not reveal any details about the game’s release date. Most likely the game is still in a really early stage of development. As there is no official information from their side, so for now we have to wait for further news. However, according to the speculations of gamers, this one game will be released only in 2022. So, what do you think, are you interested?

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