It is too early to discuss beyond good and evil

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At the E3 2021 show, Ubisoft confirmed that their game, titled Beyond Good & Evil 2, would be absent from the event. The event is likely to continue till the end of 2021. This is because, Ubisoft has openly stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has yet to be discussed. So, where has the development process of this game been? let’s continue the discussion gamedem news This one.

They announced during the 2017 E3 show, Beyond Good & Evil 2 hasn’t provided much updated information over the years. This incident certainly worries the gamers who have been waiting for this game. Not to mention, his game called Skull and Bones has a lot of problems. To answer gamers’ questions, Ubisoft has again confirmed the game’s existence.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still in Development Stage Ubisoft Pengembangan

The latest sequel to this 18 year old game is indeed much anticipated by the gamers. As the developer of the game, Ubisoft also ensures that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in its development stage. Ubisoft CEO Frederic Duguet It also said that the game is still too early if it is according to their estimates. So most likely, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will not release for some time to come.

Ubisoft senior producer Guillaume Brunier had earlier said that they would target the game for 2020. However, there is no information about the gameplay or the new trailer of this game yet. Gamers who heard it also concluded that the game will likely get its first gameplay in late 2021. However, this is not certain to happen.

Will show new trailer this year?

Beyond Good and Evil is a sci-fi game with an action-adventure concept. The game features a third person perspective with puzzle and action gameplay mechanics. With a humorous storyline and distinctive character design, the game was also popular in the PS2 console market. Developed by Rayman creator Michel Ancel, the game’s first series was released in 2003.

No information has been received about the release date yet. Most likely this could be because Ubisoft itself is also focusing on other games. He also promised to provide more information related to this game immediately. So for the time being we have to be patient and wait for information from them. What do you think, are you still interested in this game?

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