Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Other Members Knowing, Here’s How

It is usually not uncommon for people to leave a WhatsApp group. WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications in the world and certainly a lot of people use it.

Various groups use this application to discuss with family, friends, alumni, young people.

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Not only this, due to this group feature, WhatsApp application is making fast bonding between relatives and friends.

In addition, WhatsApp is a means of communication such as creating groups that serve different purposes.

As a means of sharing information, from discussing school tasks to discussing work.

In fact, discussing various things that are important, even for unimportant groups, can even force users to leave the WhatsApp group.

Joining WhatsApp group is definitely easy and profitable for the users.

Usually, users do not have just one group but are definitely members of different WhatsApp groups.

However, there are times when people do not feel comfortable or uncomfortable with the number of incoming message notifications.

Moreover, the number of notifications can also slow down the performance of the smartphone making it overheat.

Especially if the user enters a group that appears to be sharing toxic information and discussions.

how to leave whatsapp group

However, there are people who feel bad about leaving the group. Because leaving WhatsApp group will give indecent and bad impression.

Actually, chatting in WhatsApp groups allows users to communicate with multiple people in a chat room at a time.

There are powerful tricks and tricks that can make it easier for WhatsApp application users to leave a group without getting caught by the members.

Even the admin of the WhatsApp group doesn’t know it, of course, it can make the users feel safe.

It is very easy for the users to leave the WhatsApp group secretly and the following method can be practiced immediately.

Previously, there was something that users needed to prepare to leave a WhatsApp group. Well, if you want other members to leave the group without knowing about it, consider the following full explanation.

  1. change new whatsapp number

An easy way to exit a WhatsApp group without getting caught by other members is to change to a new phone number.

But this method will not be suitable for those users who still intend to use their old number again.

mute notification forever whatsapp group

The way to type is to press and hold the group selected by the user and mute the group.

After that, an option appears to mute the notification or activate the mute feature, finally select the option Always or Always.

This second method is an option for users who want to mute a group without leaving the group.

So that the users who left the WhatsApp group remain and are still part of the group.

But users will no longer receive notifications that will be annoying when they enter a group of messages.

fake whatsapp phone number

Another method, which is similar to converting to a new number, but does not require the number to be changed permanently.

Users can still do this by temporarily setting up a new number, how to enter the Settings menu on the top three dots on WhatsApp.

Then, the user clicks on the account and selects the Change Number menu so that they can immediately enter the new backup number.

Users can leave the group immediately, then on the phone settings menu, select the WhatsApp application. Then, users can leave the WhatsApp group by clearing the data and cache.

Then the WhatsApp account will be lost, but the old username is still in the group’s members list.

Well, finally open the WhatsApp application again, then you can register again with the old number.

This method will probably work for users who want to leave a WhatsApp group but do not need to make permanent number changes.

As a note, this method has a lot of complexity and many steps for you to successfully exit the group without the other members knowing.

As everyone knows that WhatsApp group is one of the favorite features of the user.

Leaving a WhatsApp group in these various ways can make it easier for users to do so without leaving a feeling of embarrassment to other group members, good luck. (Galuh.id/Tiwi)

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