Line Up and Guest AFA Station Festival Online Week!

Since receiving the announcement a few days ago, the AFA Station Festival Online Week has been able to attract a lot of excitement. To be held over the next three days, the AFA station is set to present several Guest Exclusive and latest line up.

Afterwards, to be precise the AFA Station Festival will be online week August 30th or today for free. In addition, the organizers have announced the line-up. line up and Guest which will appear.

Who are they? Read the following article till the end.

Line Up and Guest AFA Station Festival Online Week

Sora Tokui | Doctor: Special

First, there will be a special arrival of the AFA Station Festival Online Week Guest, Sora Tokui. He is the voice of one of the famous characters of Love Live, Niko Yazawa.

Also, Sora Gochumon wa Usagi Desu’s? She has also appeared in the form of Maya’s voice. Not only Sora, Chiaki Kobayasi, who plays Hiroto Kuga from Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise, and Makoto Edmura from The Great Pretender will also be in attendance.

Image 1
Chiharu Hokage | Doctor: Special

Apart from Guest, AFA STATION also presents No Straight Roads, a brand new game for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. In addition, fans attending the event will also see Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Kiryu Koko WeTuber | Doctor: Special

Not only this, the Honkai Impact 3 will also appear alongside the MiHoYo. In addition, they will also promote the latest game called Genshin Impact which is slated to release on September 28, 2020.

Genshin Effect at Efa Station
Genshin Impact at Efa Station | Doctor: Special

Various gifts are waiting for you

Line Up AFA Station Festival Online Week
AFA Station Festival Online Week | Doctor: Special

You will be able to get various exclusive items like EVA2020 x Final True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and many more.

Ticket holders can also enjoy all these and many other things, as well as interact with other visitors through chat. Lucky ticket holders also stand a chance to receive 600+ items worth $10.00. Among them are Kimetsu no Yaiba merchandise and the AFA Gaming Chair from Royal Ergonomics.

Efa Station Festival Online Week Awards
Efa Station Festival Online Week Awards | Doctor: Special

You can find information about AFA stations or tickets on the website they. So, don’t miss this event. You will get to see many special guests.

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