List of 4 Best Balmond Hero Skins in Mobile Legends

By | August 1, 2021

talking about one of the heroes Criminal The strongest of Mobile Legends, of course, includes Balmond. Also, with the presence of the battle ax item, damage from Balmond really hurts. This is the reason why in this 21st season, Balmond is frequently used by Mobile Legends players in Indonesia rank match. But unfortunately, Balmond is a hero who still has little skin.

As of now, there are only four skins of Balamond. And all the four skins are nothing special, the best is only special skin. But for those of you who use Balmond Hero, the number of skins certainly doesn’t matter.

so the following gamedem list Discuss the list of skins owned by Balmond Mobile Legends hero from best to average. Instead of pausing, let’s look at the discussion below.

List of 4 Balmond Mobile Legends Hero Skins

Balmond | uhdpaper

For those of you who have played the game for a long time mobile legendsOf course you already know the list of skins owned by Balmond. Four skins, including:

  • Power Source
  • slurry fury
  • savage hunter
  • savage pointguard

Now, gamedem Below will provide a complete explanation of the four skins.

1. Power Source – Common

Nayak is the first Skin Power Source owned by Balmond. This skin is a normal skin that looks normal, there is nothing special in it. Of the three skills, only the second skill looks great. While other skills are common.

The skin of the Balmond Power Source looks like a dashing ogre, gray in color and holding a large ax in his hand. You can get this skin by using diamonds of 254.

2. Fury of the Ghoul – Elite

The next skin that is owned by Balmound is Fury Skin from Elite Ghoul. The color of this skin is blue with a shield on the head. He has a guard in his hand. However, the animation is still the same as the normal skin and you must have 399 diamonds to get it.

To Kaushal Ek’s effect, it looks like a white wind accompanies him. And on his second skill too, Balmond turned his ax and saw a pale white serpent. Meanwhile, at its peak, Balmond threw up his ax and made a red pattern.

3. Savage Hunter – Elite

Still with elite skin status, Savage Hunter has a look that is quite different from the previous skin. This Balamond skin looks like a tiger from the North Pole holding a unique axe. This skin is like a hunter wearing clothes made of crocodile skin in winter. Savage Hunter skins cost 599 diamonds.

For the skill effect, it’s all light blue, as it symbolizes a winter full of snowballs. Interestingly, in his ultimate skill, Balmond throws an ax and creates the image of a tiger.

4. Savage Pintguard – Special

Well, Balmond’s last and best is Savage Pointguard for Skin. This is a special skin nicknamed the King of Basketball. With a new animation, Balmond looks like a professional basketball player, holding an ax decorated with a fire basketball. You can have this skin for 749 diamonds.

For skill effects, all fires are red. On skill 1, a red fire starts with Balmond. On skill 2, Balmond swings the ax and a fire breaks out around his axe. Meanwhile in the final, Balmond throws his ax and creates the image of a basketball court and a red ring of fire.

The plan is that Balmond will have a new skin in August 2021. He is a skin collector called the God of the Mountains. You can read the full leak here August 2021 Skin Collector, Balamund God of the Mountains

Well, this was just a discussion about the list of 4 best skins for the hero of Balmond. In your opinion, which skin is the best and which is the worst? Write yes in the comment column.

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