Mad Gunz MOD APK 4.0.3 (Unlimited Bullets) for Android.

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Shooting genre games always attract many players. Each game will have its own gameplay and graphics. But if you are looking for a great online shooter with good graphics, mad gunz would be a good option for you. The full name of the game is Mad GunZ – Pixel Shooter and Battle Royale. In Mad Gunz, players will fight enemies with Mad Gunz that will not be in the various games. Dynamic battles, wild enemies, total mayhem are here in this online game. Let us now explore the fascinating things in Mad Gunz.

Cool Minecraft Graphics

Mad Gunz is Action game created and developed by Full HP: Best Shooters & Action Games. They have a studio in Cyprus. Full HP: Best Shooters & Action Games has worked in mobile games development since 2015. Mad Gunz is available on both Google Play and the App Store, so you can install the game on mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems. You can also play Mad Gunz on tablets. This game is free to download.

As with most shooting games, publishers always use smooth 3D graphics to design their games. But Mad Gunz would be different. Even though Mad Gunz doesn’t have smooth graphics, you will still be impressed by the cool Minecraft graphics. You will find many human characters. But these characters will be created by many classes. You will also face various enemies like zombies, crazy chickens, octopus etc. Apart from this, the fight will also take place in different places. In a wooden house, in a forest with few trees and large rocks, or in a factory. There are still many different locations where you will fight with enemies. In addition, the sound is very lively. You can hear the sound of guns when you or enemy shoot. The exciting soundtrack is always on during the game. But you can still turn off the sound in the game’s settings.

mad gunz screen 1

be the best shooter

Each game will have its own plot. The plot of Mad Gunz is also interesting. In Mad Gunz, you wake up and feed your kitty. But then something unexpected happened. Your fridge was so empty a black hole appeared. And it leads to different worlds. Here you will meet two characters that they have been for the past 2 years and are different players. That’s why you need a name so that everyone knows you. For this reason, the game has allowed you to create a new name and choose a style for the character. Let’s choose a good name so that everyone can remember you easily. And you can even change the character name if you don’t like it. Open Settings, select the Account option, and choose Create a different name.

Besides that, you also need to know how to advance your character. Touch the control button on the left side of your screen and move your finger up or down to make your character move up or down. If you want to move the character to the right, move your finger to the right. Along the steps, you have to jump up them by clicking on the jump button on the right. It’s easy enough for everyone. Before participating in actual battles, you will also be instructed on how to use the weapon. In Mad Gunz, it’s easier to beat if you don’t have a weapon. You just need to aim your gun at the enemies, and then the gun will automatically fire at your enemy. Now you can fight real battle with enemies.

mad gunz screen 2

Special Features in Mad Gunz

With different shooting games, you can only use guns to fight with enemies. But in Mad GunZ you’ll be using unusual guns to defeat your enemies. For example, a handbag with a dog, Dangerous Tasty, Pilgrim Turkey or a magic wand, … The variety of weapons will allow you to use several special guns. They will make the battles more attractive.

mad gunz screen 3

Besides, there are a lot of characters in the Mad Gunz. You can buy them with gems. New characters help you express yourself and create new looks every day. The game also allows you to change the character’s skin, costumes, and emotions. These costumes will turn your appearance into an everlasting impression in your enemy’s mind. Unique shapes of weapons, flying instruments and bright trails are also waiting for you to explore. They will make the battles in Battle Royale mode more interesting.

Furthermore, the publisher has provided up to 12 languages ​​for the players. Those languages ​​are English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, French. They will help many players around the world to better understand the mission of the game. For some people, these languages ​​will bring them interesting words that won’t take them long to discover. Let’s choose the language to display in the game’s settings.

mad gunz screen 4

be the best online game

With quite simple gameplay, you only need to move your character, aim the gun at the enemies and it will automatically shoot your enemies. Mad Gunz will be suitable for many players of different ages. Weird but cute graphics, awesome atmosphere and totally crazy guns. They will bring you interesting experiences. Besides, six game modes will be a great challenge for you. But they also help you improve your skills (Multiplayer, Challenge, Adventure, Battle Royale, Building, Arena). With multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends and create a team for yourself. Specifically, you can show off your skills and become the last man standing in Battle Royale. Enjoy a huge map, an unusual system of gun and armor crafting.

Because of the above, Mad Gunz has become one of the best online games and has attracted more than 10 million players. Let’s install Mad Gunz and explore the adventurous things in this game.

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