Moonton clarification on alleged Monopoly MOBA game

Recently, the Indonesian export world is currently discussing the latest Indonesian MPL regulations that have been widely circulated. From where gamedem esports Bid if the rules say that the division team mobile legends Participation in the MPL cannot create an esports team in other MOBA game divisions.

Naturally, many connoisseurs of mobile analog (MOBA) games begin to speculate strange things. Most of them said that Montan had monopolized by implementing the latest MPL rules. In fact, the issue has spread to other game developers, such as Riot, Team Secret, and SBTC Esports.

Moonton’s response to the monopoly charge

An activist who worked with Moonton finally spoke and offered his own explanation on the issue. launch from instagram page @wtmtoday, in an article while interviewing one of Moontan’s employees in Malaysia.

Mention that Moonton has never made the organization exclusive and that the organization is allowed MOBA teams other than Mobile Legends.

The policy of MPL never requires export organizations to be exclusive. For example, if Organization A has a team to play in MPL Indonesia, that organization can also compete in the Wild Rift tournament.

Clear info from WTM Today

There might be another MOBA game division

Furthermore, the source also said that each organization is allowed to have one more division, even if it is included in the exclusive contract.

Some teams have commercial contract cooperation with MONTON. They can generate revenue and profit through agreements and are bound by special terms for team branding. Each team that accepts the offer may also refuse and disagree with the commercial schedule and still continue to play in the MPL.

Write Source From WTM Today

According to further sources, any organization has the right and option to refuse if it has any contract. Obviously, any team or organization may play or participate in Wild Rift tournaments only during the MPL league season.

Of course, this explanation denies the issue that Moonton has never monopolized or preferred by preventing eSports teams from having other MOBA division teams.

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