more fun! Free Fire the Cobra update adds Shirou features and characters

Gametren – Curious why the Free Fire loading image turns into a futuristic ninja with a red cobra?

For those of you who don’t know, Garena has released the latest updater for Free Fire where there are a lot of updates that you can use after updating the application via Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store depending on the cellphone you are using. can enjoy.

But surely you are not curious about the features or what are the things that Garena has embedded in Free Fire The Cobra Patch. Well for that you can see the information like this.

As seen in the image on the screen while loading, there will be a new character named Shirou who can release a power in the form of a cobra. Shirou can continue to develop his abilities through combat and is a dangerous looking sight. The addition of Shirou will definitely make the fight in Free Fire more dynamic.

In addition to new characters, this major update also introduces Clash Squad Season 5 which includes special Golden MP5 items for those of you who are able to rank above Gold III. Plus you’ll also find mystery boxes and three items from the map-based store, which can be accessed to get your weapons on each map.

Meanwhile, in Battle Royale, there’s a new item called UAV-Lite to scan nearby enemies so you’re always on alert and War Alerts to make looting easier. You can also get Revival Points to revive your team or use it if you have a Revival card.

Another battle royale update includes adjustments to the vending machine for both the price and the number of tokens so you can better use the vending machine to increase your chances of winning.

In the Free Fire update, The Cobra also includes a new feature called Dynamic Duo where you can connect more closely with friends, instant messaging for instant messaging on the battlefield, and look around while running without changing direction. For Free Look.

Garena Free Fire The Cobra Update Features

As for weapons, the MAG-7 is a new tool you can use in combat where it deals 20 points of base damage with a rate of fire of 0.2. This weapon has 8 magazines with upgrade capabilities for the stock and grip.

Those are the various updates that Garena has provided for Free Fire the Cobra. Of course, there are many more minor changes overall given by Garena as the size of the update is quite large. However, this time Shirou has an additional character focus, so be sure to try it out!

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