Onmoji Arena Presents Romantic Drama Titled Falling Into Your Smile

As a mobile game with the MOBA genre, Onmyoji Arena presents a romantic drama titled Falling Into Your Smile that explores the story of love in esports.

Some may still underestimate the meeting of lovers from social media or even video games. However, some couples have not been successful in realizing their dreams of setting romantic stories through game media, including esports.

Not much, really, news or shows that tell about a true love story that started from a meeting through a game. Most esports players really have the spirit of competing to beat each other and be the winner.

From the Bamboo Curtain Country of China, the drama Falling Into Your Smile presents a unique love story. This unique love story begins with the stars meeting at Onmoji Arena.

The lead actress of the series, Tong Yao (Cheng Xiao), is very good at playing the hero Tamamou no Mai. Over the course of his esports career, this sweet lollipop fan would enter the top professional esports team. The position of the sweet girl as a substitute for a member who is injured in the arm. After that, she has an encounter with the team’s captain Lu Si Cheng (Xu Kai).

Falling Into Your Smile is a 31-episode series that is currently airing. You can watch episodes through multiple channels, one of which is yuku youtube.

onmyoji arena falling in your smile actor character
Onmoji Arena Characters | Photo: Special

While participating in Falling Into Your Smile, you can also play Onmoji Arena to get the same esports experience. There are many heroes with different unique abilities who need to use precise strategies to defeat the opposing teams in order to achieve victory.

You can download Onmyoji Arena for free Google Play and app Store.

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