Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited FREE Shopping)

By | August 13, 2020

Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited FREE Shopping)

Stealth Master MOD APK Sharpen your katana, it’s time for some stealthy action!
Sneak into highly secured places, climb the buildings, disable guards, complete the mission and get evacuated! It’s super fun!

How to Play

You will begin playing the Stealth Master game for Android as a basic ninja. He may not look like much, but believe us, his profession is trained assassination. And, he is truly good at what he does.

To start, you will be taken to a level and introduced to your target. This target will be the boss at the end of your stage. You need to make sure they get eliminated without a single sound or outcry. This is a covert operation. As such, leave no witnesses around.

Sneak your way through dirty corporations and office buildings. Security and henchmen will be out looking for you. Either sneak your way around them, or make sure they don’t live to tell their story.

In addition, you can utilize different stealth abilities and weapons to assist in your mission. You can throw shuriken at anything that comes near your vicinity. Or, disguise yourself as a plant to sneak your way passed goons.

The end of each level will greet you with your boss target. Stay on your toes, they’re armed and dangerous. Therefore, they can pack a serious punch and kill you before you get the chance to do the same.

Stealth Master Mod APK Free Download

Last, but not least – your download and installation options. When determining which version to get, you need to ask what you’re looking for. Do you want to play the game the way the developers intended? Or, do you want all the shortcuts and cheats to become an unstoppable force? If you chose the latter, then the Stealth Master Mod APK latest version is your best bet.

With this version of the game, you can enjoy a few extra features that were “sneaked” into the file (pun intended). These features can include:

  • Free shopping
  • No ads

So, make sure you know which version you want and download them accordingly. Either way, you have a blast in your attempt to assassinate mob bosses, evil business tycoons, and more

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