Tencent Officially Acquires Most of Stunlock Studios (Dev. Battlerite)

Some time ago, we received news that Tencent has officially acquired a game company called Sumo Group. Looks like they’re doing the same thing again today with the Battleright battle royale devs. through news gamedem news Get this, Tencent seems to have reclaimed a majority stake from Stunlock Studios. What projects do they think they will be working on next?

Stunlock Studio was first established in 2010 and already resides in the Swedish city of Skovde. Stunlock Studios is quite famous for its popular game lineup called Battleright Battle Royale, Bloodline Champions and Dead Island: Epidemic. Due to the success of the three games, Stunlock Studios eventually managed to garner special attention from a game company in China called Tencent.

Tencent officially acquires Stunlock Studios

The collaboration between the two studios has actually been going on since 2016. The first game they developed at the time was the release of Battleright Battle Royale in China. in 2019 Tencent Still a minority shareholder in this studio. But along with the success of the game, Tencent also increased its investment in 2021 and managed to become the largest shareholder of Stunlock Studios.

There is no information about what percentage of shares are in Tencent. On the other hand, we also don’t know how much Tencent’s stock upgrade will cost to Stunlock Studios. To be sure, Tencent thinks this action is their best move to improve the game industry’s growth in the future. Of course, gamers can’t wait for their next project.

“It’s an honor to represent the world’s largest gaming company from the small Swedish town of Skovde.” “Tencent’s new investment demonstrates great confidence in our studio by delivering quality titles and our focus on gameplay first.”

Ricard Friesgaard – CEO of Stuntlock Studios

About Battleright Battle Royale

croppedimage1201631 battleright screenshot 3

Released in 2016, Battleright Battle Royale is here as the first free-to-play battle royale game released by Stunlock Studios. What makes this battle royale game different from others is the themes they offer. Instead of using firearms, in this game you will use magic and melee weapons such as swords, axes and arrows. The formula they apply is similar to Diablo in conjunction with the Battle Royale concept.

For those of you who haven’t tried BattleRight Battle Royale game, now is the right time to try it. There are still a lot of players, you can enjoy this one game through Xbox One and PC platform. As always, you can enjoy this Battleright through the digital Steam store platform. What do you think, are you ready to taste this fantasy-style battle royale?

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