What is meant by consumption or inefficient voucher attempt

By | July 2, 2022

Means Consumption or Disable Voucher Attempt – Maybe you are one of those people who frequently top up and receive game voucher codes, whether free fire game, mobile legend game, or pubg mobile game.

All of today’s online games require a variety of items to suit their needs. For example, when we top up a Free Fire game through Alfamart or Indomart, of course we will get a voucher code in the form of a gift item or a diamond.

From this, of course, we will get a receipt that contains a voucher code or more commonly called a Free Fire redeem code, things like that if we top up through Indomart or Alfamart. As we all know, there are lots of places to top up diamonds or free fire items.

Consumption or inefficient voucher attempts

Garena Free Fire normally works with Indomart and Alfamart, but what happens when we top up a FF item or Diamond FF but it is not what we want, the problem is that the code is consumed or disabled Voucher effort.

Of course, this sort of thing is rarely experienced by customers topping up to Free Fire, but it has actually happened when someone used a voucher code, but when the voucher was about to exchange it, So things happened, such as displaying name consumption or disabled voucher attempts, the curious can see in full below.

What is Attempt Consumption or Disable Voucher?

If you are currently experiencing such things, do not panic with these words, if it is interpreted as an attempted voucher being consumed or inactive, the voucher code or redeem code is not activated , even though it is still in a new condition. But the voucher code cannot be used.

Why can’t it be used? Of course, there were many error factors when inputting the voucher code, and the administrator will explain the factors one by one that can cause the voucher code to experience something like this, but still you need to worry about the voucher code. Not there. which cannot be redeemed. Use it then we can exchange it back.

With the requirement that you never damage the receipt or code, make sure it is still clearly visible, this way we can exchange the code for inactivity.

Factors causing consumption or inefficient voucher attempts

Maybe if you are one of those who have experienced such things, namely the phenomenon of consumption or inefficient voucher attempt, please calm down, because every problem will have a solution, so if you want to know What factors can cause problems like that which you can see in full below.

  • Facing network or signal interference or error so that it becomes invalid while exchanging code
  • Wrong note when entering voucher code number, of course it can lead to invalidation
  • There are faults or errors from operators that you have purchased or are currently repairing directly from Garena
  • The code has expired, so it will be invalid when used
  • The FF voucher code was actually an error from the start due to a problem with the code creator so that when used it became invalid
  • There are many more factors

So, if you experience things like this, please take it easy, as we can exchange the code so that we can get a new free free voucher code, follow the steps below.

How to exchange the voucher code in the event of a consumed or disabled voucher attempt

For a very easy way to solve this, make sure you still keep your proof of payment receipt clean, the admin here will give an example of making a purchase on UniPin and please enter the redemption methods below.

  1. First of all, can you enter [email protected] nor Help Center
  2. Please can you take a photo of your proof of payment, make sure the receipt is still safe and not damaged
  3. Then please select Direct Email and enter your email
  4. Please note that starting from the date of purchase transaction, then serial and pin and nominal and also don’t forget to attach the receipt which is photographed as proof, then you send it directly.
  5. Now, after that, all you have to do is wait for the confirmation from Unipin CS party as it will check first
  6. Now later you will get a new voucher code which is still active from UniPin
  7. Complete

Well, this is more or less the same if you are currently facing problems like this consumption or inefficient voucher attempt.

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last word

All I can say is, follow the above steps, if in fact you currently have problems like this consume or disable voucher attempt, the admin just came here, hope what the admin has given is useful for you Thank you, enjoy.

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