When will the MPL Indonesia Season 8 be held? this is the official program

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Mobile Legends competitive event, MPL Indonesia will be held again. The biggest Mobile Legends tournament in Indonesia has entered Season 8. In the last season, many winning teams and talented players have been created. For fans of the competitive Mobile Legends scene, they certainly can’t wait to see their favorite teams and players in action.

But the question is when will the MPL Indonesia Season 8 be held? And which teams will fight for the coveted title of Mobile Legends in Indonesia? here is gamedem esports Summarize the information.

MPL Indonesia Season 8 Held in August

MPL Indonesia announced on its official Instagram page that MLBB Professional League Season 8 will be held on 13 August 2021. From now on, this means that the participating teams still have a month to prepare their teams. Starting with management issues, player transfers, and player play.

RRQ Hoshi One of the strongest teams in Indonesia has almost completed the announcement of the players who will compete later. Among them are Albert, Clay, Psycho, R7, Liam, Skylar, Shin, and there are still two more slots left.

Meanwhile, Bigtron Alpha just introduced Bottle as its new player. And the new Alter Ego brings Rasi from Alter Ego. Before the official event, there will certainly be many surprises among each player regarding the transfer.

Who are the participating teams?

EVOS Legends when they won MPL Season 7. MPL Indonesia

Reflecting the previous season, MPL Indonesia is always followed by 8 teams. And eight teams will initially play in the regular season round. After that the top six teams will advance to the playoff stage. While the last two teams like it or not, they have had to give up their hopes of winning the title.

List of teams participating in MPL Indonesia for the past few seasons, including:

  • EVOS Legends
  • RRQ Hoshi
  • bigtron alpha
  • zenflix aerowolf
  • onic esports
  • replace ego esports
  • aura fire
  • geek family

In the last MPL Indonesia season, EVOS Legends was able to become champions by defeating Bigtron Alpha in the Grand Final Round. Meanwhile, third place went to Zenflix Arrowwolf, losing to EVOS Legends. last bottom bracket.

So, most likely the teams participating in MPL Indonesia Season 8 are still the top eight teams. However, for Genflix Aerowolf, the situation is still gray. Since there was an internal problem, the players have confirmed that they will leave the team with the nickname. giant slayer this.

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