Without Lemon, this is the official roster of RRQ Hoshi in MPL Indonesia Season 8

Before the MLBB Professional League Indonesia Season 8 event, each team has started cleaning and preparing themselves. One of them is RRQ Hoshi, who is the owner of the MPL Indonesia title 3 times.

Through the official YouTube channel of RRQ Hoshi, it has been announced which players will represent the team named as King of All Kings in the upcoming MPL Indonesia Season 8. RRQ Hoshi’s way of opening players is also very unique, they announce players one by one.

it makes a lot of friends mobile legends curious and guessing roster RRQ ahead of Hoshi. And on Monday, RRQ Hoshi announced official line up for mpl season 8

no opt lemon

We can see in the video above where roster RRQ Hoshi which was estimated to have 9 players, but only 8 people in the end. Right after the announcement of the 8th player, Wynn, many fans were curious as to who roster Last of the RRQ Hoshi Team.

So people trying to guess about the players have different opinions and opinions. Starting from Wizzking, Tuturu, Lemon, or even new members. However, after Wijking and Tuturu confirmed that they would not participate in the MPL Season 8 event, all thoughts turned to Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan.

It is also backed by Lemon’s ability and experience that RRQ Hoshi still needs. Especially yesterday during MPL Season 7, Lemon played only 1 game during the playoff round.

However, from the video above, we can conclude that Lemon will not be a part of the RRQ Hoshi team in the upcoming MPL Season 8. Lemon said he wants to rest and hopes his friends can bring another MPL trophy to RRQ’s house.

This time it’s just you guys, I want to rest. Goodluck, bring the trophy home again

said lemon

after that it is displayed Highlight Lemon Match participating in the MPL Indonesia Mobile Legends competitive event. Starting from season 1 to 7. Finally, Lemon, who had originally designed his clothes, put RRQ Hoshi’s national shirt back in the cupboard.

RRQ Hoshi MPL season 8 full roster

Rooster Rrq Hoshi | YouTube (Team RRQ)

After it was confirmed that Lemon did not participate in RRQ Hoshi’s journey in MPL Season 8, it was indicated that RRQ Hoshi would play with 8 players. who are they, here they are roster RRQ Hoshi:

  1. Albert Nielsen Iskander aka Alberto
  2. Deden Mohamed Noorhasan aka Clay
  3. Teguh Imam Saputra alias Psycho
  4. Rivaldi Fatah aka R7
  5. William Setiawan aka Liami
  6. Shevenko David Tendion aka Skylaro
  7. Isaiah Omega Armando Wolling aka Zinn
  8. Calvin aka Vino

What are your hopes for RRQ Hoshi in the upcoming MPL Season 8 event? yes definitely the same gamedem esports Hope they can do their best in future.

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