Bandai Namco will bring 2 new games to CSF ​​2019

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Preparing for the latest Indonesian pop culture event, the Creators Super Fest 2019 collaborates with Jakarta Bandai Namco Entertainment, a game developer of various popular game title releases and also a featured partner of CSF2019.

This weekend Bandai Namco Entertainment will bring some of the latest and most popular hit game titles to the CSF2019 event at the SMESCO Hall Exhibition Jakarta on 26 – 27 October 2019.

Taiko no Tatsujin – Drums ‘n’ Fun

first game is taiko no tatsujin, is a rhythmic arcade music game using a punch tool (controller) Nominated taiko (Traditional Japanese drum beater).

This game uses a controller, players can match the rhythm of the song with the beat of the drum. This cute and simple game features several popular Japanese songs for Japanese pop culture fan favorites.

At the CSF2019 Jakarta event, visitors can try to beat the game using an exclusive taco controller accessory from Banda Namco and feel the feeling of being a taco drummer!

This unique game with an attractive animated display can be played online Interactive & Multiplayer With the addition of exclusive features from Nintendo Switch devices.

code vein


Bandai Namco’s second game release is one of the most anticipated performances. Taking the action RPG genre, a game similar to Dark Souls has been introduced with an equally scary name – code vein.

With the typical opening sentence of survival games – In the face of certain death, we rise – Code vein game story takes soul game enthusiasts to a deeper level.

Captivating stories, a combination of new visuals and anime-style characters, plus a variety of character customizations (revenant) Bringing each player’s personality into an atmosphere of horrors of code vein..

The game tells the story of the destruction of the world and a group of people secret society so called ghosts Vein.

Those who are left must fight to survive in exchange for their memories as they are in a state of ever-increasing blood loss, and risk becoming one of the lost ghosts – Lost Unnecessarily wandering in search of blood..

Players will experience a series of obstacles and nightmares with high difficulty and need to cooperate with AI player or other players (multiplayer) Through the online features to beat the difficult levels of the game.

Code Wayne Bandai is one of the latest game released by Namco Entertainment that offers a visual-survival-terror and nightmare experience to its players.

Be the first to try out the excitement of a two game line up released by Bandai Namco Entertainment: Taiko no Tatsujin and Code Vein at the Bandai Namco Entertainment Area – only at the Creators Super Fest 2019 Jakarta event.

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