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Nostalgia fun with the latest Ninja Turtles online game

The online game Kura-Kura Ninja has become one of the popular games that many gamers await its global release. Now fans of Ninja Turtles animation can remember with these characters through the latest game series. Advertisement because there will be adaptation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In the latest version of the game Shredder’s Revenge with… Read More »

Increase engagement rate by using the services of the commentator king

king of comments One of the popular platforms in Indonesia for providing social media marketing services. The platform has helped a lot in developing local brands, especially for the lower middle class. Advertisement The following are some of the services available on the Komen King platform: Service List comment service Advertisement The first… Read More »

Acer Aspire Vero, Eco-Friendly Windows 11 Laptop

Acer Aspire Vero is one of the laptops with Windows 11 that is eco-friendly. electronic equipment Environmentally friendly currently widely present and being released by many brand In an effort to help reduce production waste and pollute the environment. HP and Dell have been known to increase their use of recycled materials to produce new… Read More »

Best Asus X441u Laptop at Affordable Price

Technologyhandjob – Asus X441u It is one type of laptop which has best quality at an affordable price. As one of the big brands offering electronic components, the quality is definitely not in doubt. The ASUS brand offers a range of products to meet the needs of its consumers in terms of electronics. For… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to be launched soon

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be released soon in 2021. Reportedly for the Indonesian market, the latest series of smartphones from Xiaomi will launch in the near future. There are two indications related to the time when the launch is approaching, this series has been certified. First, a device appears on the Ministry of Industry’s… Read More »

HP Xiaomi Black Shark 4 with 120W Fast Charging

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 smartphone is currently busy talking about gamers. The name Black Shark is known to gamers by their ears. Black Shark Technology, a game company from China, was instrumental in showing off a special mobile device called the Black Shark. Since its inception, Black Shark has successfully grown its business globally in… Read More »

Mute video, WhatsApp’s new feature to remove video sound

New features of WhatsApp will soon be available exclusively for existing users. For some people, WhatsApp is a messaging application that acts as a communication tool. Beginning to communicate only with family, close people, or some work needs. From just being able to chat via text to being able to communicate using a video call.… Read More »

Sony A6400, Mirrorless Series with Cool Autofocus

Who doesn’t know Sony? This electronics company has a wide variety of equipment with advanced facilities and technology. From televisions to cameras, Sony always has a way of enticing technology connoisseurs to try out the perfection of its products. just say Sony A6400MILF Camera Series mirrorless Which is in between Sony Alpha Series A6300 and… Read More »