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Have you ever wanted to DIY your clothes with trendy styles, colorful patterns and make them look fabulous? DIY Fashion Star – Design Hacks Clothing Game is a perfect game for you! After the success of Rich Girl Mall – Shopping Game, dream wedding plannerCheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions, published by Tab Tale by Coco Play, the company created a new game about DIY and fashion.
You will have the chance to show the world your amazing DIY skills and be creative with fun and varied DIY projects. Your limitless ideas will turn ordinary, boring clothes into high-fashion, fabulous outfits that no one could think of. If there’s a plain, unflattering outfit, just reshape it, decorate it, and make it your own way! Compete with other DIYers, reach the top and earn special prizes. Find out more as you embark on your journey of creating DIY masterpieces.


Gamers will become a young DIYer who is skilled in making amazing clothes. As you play, followers will request something for you to DIY. Run your channel and the final product will be uploaded to YouTube in the form of videos and through the platform, you will earn likes and more followers.
DIY Fashion Star will take gamers to a whole new world with unlimited fashion sources to DIY clothes and compete with other players through various competitions. The higher they rank, the more rewards they can get.


Simple and easy to understand gameplay

The game’s concept isn’t familiar, but players will find themselves hooked to it thanks to the cool, simple gameplay. Players will see clear instructions for every aspect of the game. Specific requests from fans will help players create masterpieces, manage their own DIY channel, and gain a bigger fan base.

DIY Fashion Star Screen 3

A variety of options to design and play with

T-shirts, dresses, pants and more with colorful patterns and designs will never bore you in your adventure of becoming a famous DIYer. Followers will ask you to DIY a piece of clothing with requirements that need to be met.
You will be able to cut boring clothes into trendy styles, sprinkle some color and apply some cute stickers or patterns to make them attractive. Use your camera to take pictures, then add them to your DIY creations. If your pictures look incredibly artsy or you just want to feature your cat in your creations, snap them and put them on your DIY. After that, you can even wear your products and look beautiful in them.
However, you’ll want to pay attention to requests because if followers don’t like them, you’ll lose some likes.

DIY Fashion Star Screen 0

Become a famous DIYer on YouTube

As soon as you complete the request from your followers, you will make it into a video and upload it to YouTube. Watch your DIY become trendy, get tons of positive reactions and earn likes. The more videos you upload, the more famous you become.

Show the world your unique DIYs through contests

As you gradually create more amazing outfits, you can wear them in different competitions to earn more likes. Style them with different makeup looks and hairstyles, some accessories to get more bonuses.
There are three different contests for you to participate in: Selfie DIY, #SOLO Post your best selfie, and Social Media: Take a Good Picture #OOTD contest. Wear your own DIY, put on some makeup, change your hairstyle to match the outfit and earn up to 30% bonus. After that you can take some selfies with it and show it to the world. You can also apply filters to your photo, add some cute stickers, and watch other contestants and fans marvel at your DIY. Defeat your opponents by getting the most likes in each competition. Vote for others to get inspired and earn more likes.

DIY Fashion Star Screen 1

Enjoy the game more with in-app purchases

For those of you interested, you can unlock the full version of the game with all the items, Dress DIY and Hair Salon at a reasonable price, no worries about annoying pop-up ads. Feel free to buy it and play with your creativity.

DIY Fashion Star Screen 2

Visual graphics and sound quality


The players will be mesmerized by the stunning and stunning 3D graphics of the game. At first glance, you might think that the graphics look simple enough but this is the feature that stands out. The details, colors and everything else look just perfect together. Even though it’s designed in a 3D style, the game loads quickly and smoothly. With frequent updates and fixes from the developer, you can explore the DIY world without worrying about bugs, lags, or interruptions.

sound and music

DIY Fashion Star features a series of melodious sound effects and melodious soundtrack playing in the background while players can enjoy the game. After a tiring day at school or work, players will find themselves relaxing and comfortable with some fun, enjoyable tunes.


If you play games without paying, you will find it quite annoying because of the ads. Players must watch advertisements to unlock certain items for free. Some of your followers’ requests may be hard to fulfill with locked clothing, decorations, colors… Also, some interesting features can only be discovered and unlocked if you’re willing to buy them.

final thoughts

If you are a fan of Fashion Stylist or Rich Girl Mall or maybe just interested in fashion, DIY Fashion Star MOD APK Your attention will last for a long time. Use your unique ideas to design the best DIY creations and reach the top of the ranking list. Apart from the fact that players have to pay for some features to make the game even more interesting, even if you play it for a long time, the game is still addictive and runs smoothly. With a high rating on Google Play, DIY Fashion Star is the perfect game for you to unwind after a hard, stressful day.

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