Cheats GTA San Andreas Android Direct End

By | July 3, 2022

After the previous posts we discussed how to play GTA San Andreas cheats on PS3, Computer and PS2, it is incomplete if we do not discuss GTA San Andreas cheats for Android Smartphone version.

GTA San Andreas is a very entertaining and exciting game. So, make no mistake, even though there is an Android smartphone version available, if you want to play it on your cellphone you will also have to pay. This is because Rockstar Games released this game with premium nature so you have to pay when you want to download it. Relax, the price is also not very expensive, only about 80-100 thousand rupees.

Continue on about the Android version of GTA San Andreas Cheat. In this article I won’t tell you how to use cheat codes, but here I will give a tutorial on how you can eliminate it instantly while playing this game. This means that if you are finished, you don’t need to work hard to find money, assets and complete the mission again.

But if you don’t feel the challenge, of course you can repeat the mission, but with different experience and money if you play it from the beginning.

Cheats GTA San Andreas Android Direct End

Here’s a tutorial on how to make GTA San Andreas perfect on Android:

  1. You first download the data for the Android version of GTA San Andreas, which is completed, please click here,
  2. After that you will get a file named ““, please remove/delete files in file.
  3. The file you extracted earlier contains 6 files, put these files in your folder through the file manager available on your Android, they are located as follows: sdcard/android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/keep-Here
  4. Complete.

Supposedly, if there’s no problem, when you open your GTA on Android again, you’ll have the finished GTA San Andreas Game. This tutorial on how to cheat GTA San Andreas on Android ends immediately, have fun!

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