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By | June 21, 2022

Config For Auto Headshot FF Apk – Free Fire Game, we must play it using careful strategy, because if we are careless or rash, our own character will be killed by enemies, in addition to our strategy, we need to practice Also need shooting so that we can hit the target..

It’s very important if we can control the shot and have the right instinct, your character will be very easy to buoy or win this shooting match so you can upgrade your skills so that you can be even better while shooting May be

When on the battlefield, of course, we need items such as bullet-proof vests, helmets, bags, weapons, skin weapons, character skins and more, to make up for the enemies that attack us. attack, in fact so that the enemy can be faster it is very easy to get hit, if you can stay you can do a shot or headshot at the enemy’s head.

ff auto headshot config

This way the enemy will shoot 1 time or will die 2 times instantly, but of course something like this is very difficult, especially when shooting with existing enemies only hits the enemy, but to shoot directly at the enemy’s head you can do this. method can be used. what did the admin give

Admin guarantees that with 1 shot or 2 bars and 3 bars the enemy is instantly killed by you, How to use Latest Auto Headshot Config Free Fire Cheat. So you can easily kill enemies in free fire battle area, if you still don’t know auto headshot free fire configuration, you should see below explanation.

What is FF Auto Headshot Config?

Let me explain for those who still don’t know what is auto headshot free fire configuration? So this is one of the settings that cheats use, so we can make it easier for us to win auto buoy matches.

By setting this Auto Headshot FF, our shots will not be missed and are always right on target hitting the enemy character’s head while shooting or headshots, so that only a few shots will kill the enemy automatically or KO.

So that you win the game in shootout, the special thing is that this cheat is added with Antenna View 7.5 Free Fire As the admin discussed in a previous article, the game will be controlled by your character, as all enemies will be clearly visible as they have antennae marks above the enemy’s head.

Also you use perfect auto headshot cheat on enemy head target, of course you can win every match in this free fire game, who are curious about how to use ff auto headshot config, you can totally You can see below.

config auto headshot how to use ff app

Make sure that while activating the auto headshot configuration it should be exactly as I have given the steps, this is so that it can be used 100% of the time, also we have to remove the application to extract the file, You can use ZArchiver, you can download it through the Play Store or through the link below, as the content can be seen below.

1. Please Download Cofig Auto Headshot Free Fire Apk Through Above Link
2. Then open the app ZArchiver Then view cofig auto headshot ff anti-restricted file
3. If you got it please click config auto headshot this, then select sight
4. Then click on Section config Please copy data by clicking copy
5. Login device memory =>> android =>> data =>> com.dts.freefireth =>> files =>> content cache =>> mandatory =>> android =>> gameassetbundles =>> config =>> click paste by silkana file Do the thing marked with green in the bottom right
6. Done, now you have activated auto headshot ff config

It is very simple to implement by using Auto Headshot Free Fire Cheat Cheat, of course anyone can easily apply this tutorial as it is enough just to follow the instructions given above. And you don’t need to fear anymore to face the pro players, because one shot will make it easier to conquer the enemy

Warning :

Free Fire Auto Headshot Cheat can be used safely, but still, don’t be afraid to use this cheat, as Free Fire may make you suspicious, if you get caught using this method. Chances are your account will be banned. The solution is the best, use it rarely. Cheat is to be safe and not suspicious.

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last word

This way we can freely use the Head Shooter cheat, so even if you shoot someone and don’t hit the head, the cheat will automatically hit the target’s head, so it is highly likely that you Will win.

This cheat is very safe to use as it has been tested to be used, but the admin warns, it is better not to use it too often when using this cheat, as it may harm other players But if you use this fraud too often, the administrator will not be responsible for all your actions. Thank You

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