Download Art Set APK (Art App) 2022

Art Set APK With the application, you can create all kinds of pictures with different tools. Latest Version Art Set APK Download Now

Art Set APK The app lets kids and adults alike paint on canvas on stored images, as well as create high-quality virtual “paper” and fine art with everything from paints to pencils, crayons, pastels, pens and markers, texturing and blending tools. gives convenience.

Though it looks complicated with all its features, it is not. With a little guidance, even very young children can determine what color, medium and medium to use to draw and paint whatever comes to their mind.

Young artists can spend hours playing this app without having to deal with broken crayons, piles of paper, and empty paint tubes. This app can also be useful for top performers like high school top artists who want to further explore their talents.

What is Art Set APK?

Art Set Apk

Every time you use this beautiful app you will feel like you are sitting in front of an art set. The photo-realistic interface lets you paint and draw with tools that create a real look and feel.

Using an art set, children begin their artwork with a selection of different types of paper. Then a color and medium are chosen for the drawing or painting. As kids draw, paint, erase, zoom, blend and leap to their creative limits, they explore textures, brushstrokes, color variations, zooming, blending and splashing. In addition, children can draw photos stored on their mobile phones and save their work.

Artists and non-artists can enjoy art sets as an alternative to complex, mechanical painting practices! Its simplicity doesn’t mean it compromises on quality, from pencils to paints, pastels to ballpoint pens, each one designed to deliver as authentic real-time results as possible.

Virtual pressure sensitivity allows for thick gloppy strokes and fine delicate details using 3D Oil Paint.

Gorgeous metallic and fluorescent colors sparkle and shine. Fine tones and textures can be created using oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils and felt-tip pens. Multi-touch pinching and zooming add fine detail. You can also add your own photos or choose from a variety of paper colors and textures.

You’ll get many different effects by mixing and smearing colors on the canvas with the blending tool. It’s possible to create anything from smooth smooth transitions to rough scratches, splinters and spots.

Art Set APK Features

Art Set Apk
Art Set Apk
  • Oil painting has a thick 3D texture.
  • Five tools to help you mix
  • Bright metallic colors shine and shine
  • dazzling display of fluorescent colors
  • Fine details are visible with zooming and panning
  • Canvas on Retina Display with approx 4 megapixels (1728 x 2304)
  • Your own uploaded photos and images
  • Share photos via email, Facebook or other social media
  • Handheld tools and colors with a new tools list
  • pressure sensitivity in the virtual world
  • no limit to undo
  • real time display
  • Adding Pressure and Tilt Support to the Apple Pencil

How to Download Art Set APK?

  • To download Art Set apk you have to tap on given download button.
  • Your download will begin shortly after tapping.
  • Now you have to turn on the Unknown sources setting on your Android phone. (This is an Android built-in program that protects your Android device from unauthorized apps and malware that can harm your device.)
  • Turn on your device Unknown setting requires you to go to Settings-Security-Unknown sources and turn it on.
  • Next, with your downloaded files go to your file manager or download area and tap on Fire APK download file.
  • After touching, the installation option will appear on the screen which you need to touch again, and the installation will start and complete after a while.
  • Now you can run the app and enjoy its great features.
Art Set Apk
Art Set Apk
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