How to login old Facebook account to existing mobile legend?

Gametren – Securing your Mobile Legends account so you don’t lose it when you change your phone or do something else.

Moontan also provides various methods that can be done for this. In addition to using an active email address, you can also link your Mobile Legends account to social media accounts like Facebook.

However, if you are a new player, there are a number of conditions that you must meet before you can link accounts. One of them is that the account level must be 8 to reduce spam or accidental when trying to play Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to satisfy this one condition until your account reaches level 8.

how to login old facebook account in mobile legend

  1. run mobile legends application
  2. On the main page, select Profile in the upper left cornermobile legends profile account
  3. enter menu accounting
  4. press the button transfer accountmobile legends switch account
  5. Choose Facebook
  6. Enter your Facebook login information

Now with these steps, you can log back into your old account that was previously linked to your Facebook account. Of course, the temporary account you use to play Mobile Legends will be deleted and cannot be returned, so make sure you don’t want to save the account.

Also make sure that the Facebook account you want to link is never linked to Mobile Legends as Moontan only allows one Facebook account for one Mobile Legends account.

Meanwhile, three available options including Google Play, Facebook and VK can be used to link accounts so that they don’t switch or login to an existing old account.

logging in for the first time

You can use this method if you’re already logged into Mobile Legends, but you can also log directly into your Facebook account when you run Mobile Legends for the first time.

mobile legend switch account name

When you log in using your Google Account and are on the page to create a name, you can press the Switch account button in the lower right corner. After that, all you have to do is select Facebook and enter your login information.

logout from existing account

Then what if you logged in with an account that is linked to another social media account such as VK or Google? For this you have to first log out of the account. Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to do this.

One thing you can do is unlink or better known as unbind. However, this does not necessarily remove you from the account, especially if you are connected using a Moontan account.

clear mobile legends data

As a last resort if you really can’t log out, you can clear the cache and data through the application settings. Of course, this means that all data on Mobile Legends will be deleted and you may need to download it again.

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