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By | June 23, 2022

FFH4X 1.47.0 Apk – Now – There are new games that are fun and interesting, what’s more, if we search for games on google play store we will also find different types of games that we can use, but each The game will vary one level easy hard.

So to make those games easy to play which are very difficult, you can use cheats to win the game, now what we will discuss is still about free fire game, because ff game is the most exciting game And it has a lot to interest gamers.

So it’s great and interesting if we discuss this one game. Maybe for new players or those who often lose and can’t win while playing Free Fire. It definitely makes us feel bored, and feel bored because different tricks or methods are applied but never fail or win in this free fire fighting game.

FFH4X 1.47.0 Apk

Now for those who experience this kind of things, you have to calm down and don’t panic, because the admin will provide a solution so that you can win the match in free fire game, so that you don’t get bored and get bored now , what we will use is ffh4x version 1.47 .0 this is the latest version.

Maybe those who already know ffh4x apk are familiar because it is the most dangerous cheat so for 0% enemy to win against this deceitful user, how not to cheat ffh4x auto headshot with one shot enemy is killed instantly and there are many cheats that you can use according to our need.

FFH4X Auto Headshot Free Fire Explained?

Maybe there are readers who still don’t know what ffh4x is, so the admin will provide a detailed explanation about the use of ffh4x, that this application is the most dangerous cheat application and feared by all Free Fire players.

This is because this is the deadliest cheat ever so it is very likely that the victory will be with the cheat user, in this latest ffh4x free fire application, there is a list of different cheats that you can use all of them because it will help you get them into the game. Victory.

However, in terms of the drawbacks of using this ffh4x mod apk application, the smartphone you are using is already rooted, if it is not rooted, the cheats cannot be used.
You can root it with the help of Xposed virtual application to fix it so you can use lethal cheat.

Here the admin will review the initial steps of the final step so that you understand it and be able to use the cheats, so that it can be used to play Free Fire.

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FFH4X Free Fire Features

The features to be gained are also very interesting, as there are many features that are ready to help you start the shootout battle in Free Fire game. Ffh4x is actually an application that is widely used by pro players to win matches, so if you use the Free Fire game cheats application you can definitely win, because in the ffh4x application Features are given below.

  • auto headshot
  • aimbot
  • see antenna
  • white body
  • no return
  • health unlimited
  • And so on

As for the above features, it is the deadliest feature, so it is natural that the ffh4x cheat is the most feared cheat by all Free Fire players, this is because the cheat is very complete, because if it is applied, the enemy will immediately auto Can kill, antenna visible, enemies, enemies will not be able to hide wherever they are, because the antenna will be visible above the head.

In 1 shot the enemy’s auto headshot will die instantly, as the bullet hits the victim’s head, so this cheat is most intimidating, and there is also an immunity blood cheat, where not every bullet that hits our character will be felt Because it has active immunity against attacks of blood enemies, and there are many other cheats that you can use.

Download FFH4X 1.47.0 Apk

To get this free fire game cheat application, the admin has prepared a download link, so all you have to do is download it and use it, but for detailed information, check out this month’s latest version of ffh4x.

  • Name: FFH4X
  • Version: 1.47.0
  • Size: 80.61MB
  • Support: 5.0+ or ‚Äč‚Äčabove
  • Type: Apk
  • Update : May 23, 2020
  • Download links:

Download FFH4X Mod APK Free Fire


Username: ffh4x_trial
Password: 1dia

How to install it, just install those who have already made settings for permissions, but for those who still haven’t set up so as to install ffha4x, you can follow the steps below can.

How to Install FFH4X Mod Apk FF?

Actually, those who have automatic smartphones, just follow this while installing the apk, it is for those who have automatic settings, but which are not automatic, you can follow the steps below.

1. Please Download FFH4X APK
2. After this Settings . got into
3. Select in the Security section
4. Then check the Allow from unknown sources section
5. Find the FFH4X file and please install or install it directly
6. Done, APK can be installed immediately

Now, because it is already installed, you just need to use it, for those who still don’t understand, you can follow the steps as given below by admin.

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How To Use FFH4X Mod Apk Cheat Free Fire

Now so that this cheat can be used in a better way without any interference, we need an additional application called Virtual Xposed Apk, how to get it can be through the link Here,

For installation, it is the same as the admin just given, now for the steps, please follow below.

So basically to apply this deadly cheat the content will need the help of FFH4X application and Virtual Xposed.

1. Please first open the Virtual Xposed APK you just installed
2. In this you can add FFH4X application and Free Fire game so that it is in Virtual Xposed application
3. If it is successfully added to virtual xpsode just click on ffh4x, and main menu will appear in ffh4x apk and after free fire game will open automatically
4. When Free Fire game is opened successfully, you can use cheats with many options, you can slide it to activate, cheats can be activated automatically
5. Happily done by playing

Finally, you have successfully activated FFH4X Mod Apk Cheat, please play the game and use the available cheats, then you will win.

Warning :

It would be better to use a new Free Fire account to use this prohibited cheat, for fear of things we don’t want, the risk of using this cheat will affect your account, and if you use this cheat as well Often, your account is most likely to be suspended or banned, so use your new ff account to stop things we don’t want.


Using cheats is one of the deceitful and ineffective ways to play freely, why does Free Fire ban everyone who uses cheats excessively, as it can harm other players, as it is balanced in the game No, so Free Party Fire will warn with an indication of Suspended or Temporarily Banned.

If it looks like you’re still using cheats when you get banned, it’s very likely that a Free Fire account that uses a cheat will be permanently banned, according to Garena’s policies. Because of infringement, therefore it would be better to play real or purely , with each of our abilities so as not to be restricted.

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last word

Maybe the explanation above can help you use this FFH4X cheat, but the admin once again recommends not to overdo it when using the cheat, as it will have an effect if there are players who report Do that you cheat.

The points above are very clear, my friend, hope this article can help those of you who currently want to try this forbidden cheat, that’s all we can give, more or less I Sorry, but if you liked this article, please share it widely. Thank You

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