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By | June 30, 2022

Mentahan Cheat FF – Free Fire Game is one of the best and best selling games of all time, this one game has an unbelievable level of excitement, even a lot of Free Fire players forget time And forget everything, just play enough Free Fire games.

Also, this one game has its advantages, which makes it tempting a lot of people to play it, but for this occasion, I will provide information about the title above, which is about raw ff cheats. Is about survival, for those who want to play it. Don’t know make sure to read this article till the end.

Surely any good game will look very boring when we experience fatal defeats or lose streaks often, especially if we play with our friends but always keep losing constantly then surely we will get bored, But this time not because of will provide solution.

For those of you who are currently losing in this survival game, so here I will explain how to always win, easily and simply, that is, you can try to use this Free Fire FF Cheat for more information. See below for details.

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What is maintaining ff cheats

Because it is still quite new, some people don’t know or question what is Menthan Cheat FF Free Fire, so in fact it is one of the Cheats, Chet, City, Sitter Free Fire which is still an incomplete state. It is in or maybe it is called raw..

Keeping this Free Fire FF cheat is still as an incomplete file, so afterwards this cheat will still remain as a raw file, and we just need to extract this raw FF cheat, what is interesting is this That’s only a few features in this cheat, but these features have their own benefits. ,

So much for sure that you will get cheats for free, and it will be easier to play the free fire game, and we will always win or fail, if you are curious what are the features of RAW FF Free Fire cheats, you can read full below Details can be seen immediately.

FF Cheat Resistant Features

As for the raw features of this Free Fire Cheat, it can be said quite a lot, even all the features have their own advantages, which will make it much easier for us to play FF ​​games while dealing with existing enemies. .

What is clear is that whoever uses this cheat will get a great miracle that no one else will ever get, so this will make it easier to play the game, now for those who look forward to seeing the following.

  • Cheat Atuo Headshot
  • Cheat Entente View
  • teleport cheats
  • immunity life cheats
  • anti band cheats
  • and others

Now there are many of the cheats or features that we can find, they are all as above, not only that but also many other features, if you really want to download this ff cheat raw immediately , please see below.

Raw Cheat FF Apk . download

For all the above features or cheats, they are all very interesting, and of course using this method we can use them immediately, but before using them we have to download the file first.

As for this Chet, Cit, Sitter FF raw file, you can download it directly via the link below, complete with a tutorial on how to install it, just like Raw Sitter FF Free Fire Mod Apk Auto Headshot For directed download link, see below.


Please download directly through the link above, later you will get the file directly, those who are curious or don’t know how to use this cheat can see below immediately.

How to use Resistant Cheat FF Mod Apk

Watch carefully, for those of you who don’t know how to use or install this sitter FF Free Fire Raw Cheat. explained it, all you have to do is follow the steps or instructions given below.

  1. First of all you can download RAW FF Free Fire Cheat Link given above
  2. Then Open ZArchiver APK (Play Store)
  3. then you can find the new citer ff raw file
  4. If found, just click remove here
  5. For password: sub100
  6. Then you will get a new file that was just extracted, please copy or press scissor
  7. Then please go directly to Internal Memory > Android > Data > com.dts.freefireth > Files > Content Cache > Essentials > android > gameassetbundles > Avatar > Paste or press the green icon
  8. If this is done, the cheat will be activated automatically when the FF game is played
  9. Complete

Now, you have successfully activated Auto Headshot Cheat in Free Fire game by using above steps. Make sure you follow Mimin’s instructions above.

last word

Well I think the information about Mentahan Chet, City, Sighter Free Fire (FF) is presented as above, you just have to comply with all the above requirements, if you really want to know more detailed information. If you’re curious you can comment below so can figure out what things you don’t understand, thanks.

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