Ximpay Store FF Top Up Diamond Free Fire Giveaway Promo Discount

By | May 21, 2022

Xipay Store – For this occasion, noos.co.id will provide information about tutorials on how to top up Diamond Free Fire with cheap promo prices, of course with this we will get cheap price discounts.

So this is a great opportunity so that we can get a promo price. If not now then when can we get a cheaper promo price, now if you are curious, better you read this article straight to the end. You can get a cheap promo discount.

In Free Fire game, we are focusing not only on game play so that we can get buoys, but we also have to get Free Fire items according to our needs, so that all the needs are available and ready to use.

That’s why here zimpay store is one of the best options to get ff cheap diamonds, visitors who want to top up diamonds at affordable and affordable prices, it will be good if you try to access ximpay store immediately. For those who don’t know, see the explanation below.

Ximpay Store Review

Here I will provide detailed information about what is zimpe store ff so it is a special site to top up different types of online games including battle royale free fire game also many discounts on this site So the price offered will be much cheaper.

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Of course, as users of Free Fire game, this opportunity will not be wasted again, because actually we can get the promo price cheaper than normal price, not only that but also Ximpay store also serve full payment methods .

So that we don’t have to worry about transacting anymore, because Ximpay Store ff has designed a complete payment method, the process is easy and fast, in about 1 minute diamonds can directly enter your free fire game, with clear information See it below.

Features of Ximpay Store

So as for the features that we can get, surely every online game user who wants to level up diamonds through this site will be satisfied with the services provided, I guarantee that you will get what you want. you hope.

In addition, the Zimpe store feature is also very special, especially for the battle royale free fire game, because this is a game very special, so we will get what we want, so instead of being curious, you have to be able to look down Needed .

complete list of diamonds

The first feature is that the diamond free fire presented is very complete, so you can get many options immediately, and of course you can freely choose according to your budget.

The more diamonds, the cheaper, so make sure if you have enough money you should top up a diamond that is big enough so that the price offered looks very cheap, so please check the diamond list through ximpay store .

easy and fast process

One thing that many people really like is that the process is simple and fast, in addition to the easy process because there are complete and detailed instructions, but the processing is also very fast, so you will get super fast complete service.

Diamonds will enter in about 1 minute, when you have done payment transaction, we can get super fast service immediately which is why many people are hunting this site, because it has a super fast and easy process. benefit.

full payment method

Generally, Free Fire players are looking for a complete payment method, here you will find a complete payment method, whatever you can get, from transfers between banks, via credit, alfamar, e-wallet etc. .

We can get it all, so your payment won’t be difficult, use via credit, choose one like Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, Axis and XL etc. You just have to choose what you want.

Top Up Diamond Free Fire on Ximpay Store

how to top up diamond free fire through gimpay store this method is very easy and also simple you just have to follow the below instructions till the end this way you will get diamonds at special prices just the method given below Follow.

  1. Firstly, please visit the address: https://store.ximpay.com/
  2. then choose free fire game
  3. Please enter your ff account id number
  4. Then choose which diamond you want to top up
  5. Next choose sample payment method (Telkomsel)
  6. Then click on continue
  7. Please enter your email
  8. Then please do the transaction such as using Telkomsel credit
  9. There will be a notification through the email you just entered if it has been paid or transacted
  10. The content of the email is that you managed to get the diamond as big as the top up
  11. complete

This process will take less than 1 minute, when you have done the transaction you can get the diamond immediately, after entering the diamond transaction approx 1 minute.

last word

Well, about the information we can give is enough to get here, hopefully what the admin provides can help you get diamonds at cheap prices, that’s all, thanks, good luck.

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