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Fans of the legendary action platformer Mega Man X will get their first chance to experience the thrilling and epic gameplay in the latest installment of the game from Capcom. Join your favorite characters in the ultimate cross-over between the Rockman and Mega Man series. Get ready for authentic Mega Man experiences on your mobile devices for the first time ever. Learn more about this promising game from our reviews.


The game first introduces a computer world called the “Deep Record File” where all the save files from the Rockman X series are kept. In addition, this is also the place that saves your memory as a player. On the other hand, we have the digital world of the “Deep Log” where the records of the Mega Man X series are stored. This is where your memories about the game are also stored.

Things start to go wrong when the “Deep Record File” starts misbehaving and causing a series of unknown errors in the Rockman X game. At the same time, the “Deep Log” also begins to perform abnormally, causing all kinds of changes in the digital world.

And things take a turn for the worse when the two programs collide, triggering a series of unusual events. Now, all the characters, stages, levels, etc. are all mixed up due to system failures. The Mavericks start appearing out of nowhere and destroy everything.

it’s your job to enter the world of drama mega man x dive And do your best to make things right.

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Here you will find all the exciting features about this game:

Embark on a brand new adventure

To begin with, in Mega Man X Dive players will have the opportunity to explore the whole new world of Mega Man X, which the game calls a “Deep Record File”. Enjoy fighting the mindless predators that the program has generated to protect itself. Use your skills as a player to compete against huge bosses and get amazing rewards.

Play the game as your favorite characters

And to make the game even more interesting, Mega Man X Dive also introduces players to all the available characters in previous Mega Man X games. rockman x games, Play the game as any character of your choice, fight against enemies with their different powers, discover each character’s unique abilities and unleash them on your enemies.

In addition, there are tons of exciting stories for each of your characters. Spend time exploring the world of “Deep Record File” with your super humanoid heroes. Use your unique powers so that the enemies have no chance against you.

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Simple and addictive battles

Fans of the famous platformer series will have the chance to experience the iconic gameplay of the Mega Man X and Rockman X games in this latest platformer from CAPCOM. Engage in smooth and satisfying combat with tough enemies and their towering bosses.

The game features RPG-like battles where you can engage in epic real-time battles against your opponents. Choose from different characters and choose the right weapon. Differentiate your skills to win against any opponent.

Intense gameplay and character development

Featuring an in-depth gameplay with lots of discoverable and customizable options, Mega Man X allows players to enjoy the game even more than in previous versions. In addition, you can also develop your characters in different ways. Select the desired skills and upgrade them as you gain experience. Level up your characters to unlock more powers. the list goes on.

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Convenient controls for touchscreen

And to make the game more accessible, Mega Man X Dive also introduces gamers to simple and convenient controls, optimized for your touchscreen. In addition, the game also supports gamepad control with your Bluetooth or USB connected gamepad. Therefore, you can enjoy console-like experiences with Mega Man X Dive directly on your mobile devices.


For dedicated gamers of Mega Man X Dive, the game offers you amazing rewards that are hard to refuse. Find yourself playing through the massive and addictive leveling system. Discover captivating stories with hidden elements. Complete exciting challenges in Mega Man X Dive and win against enemies to unlock exciting rewards. Apart from this, the game also comes with epic achievements for you.

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free to play

And last but not least, Mega Man X Dive is currently free to play, so you can install it on your device without paying anything. Plus, the rewarding gameplay will give you plenty of chances to unlock awesome rewards. As far as in-game transactions are concerned, you may find them a bit annoying. However, this will not affect your in-game process too much.

visual and sound quality


The game features the traditional side-scrolling gameplay with slight RPG elements. The characters are well designed and their moves are great as well. The environments are also responsive enough to allow gamers to really focus on their gameplay.

Furthermore, the optimized graphics make the game playable on multiple devices. Hence, you can easily install it on your low-end smartphones.


With Mega Man X Dive, players will have the chance to enjoy the iconic soundtrack and tunes from the traditional Mega Man and Rockman series. Moreover, the accurate and on-theme sound effects will keep you hooked to the game for hours.

Download Mega Man X Dive Latest 5.1.1 Android APK

Platformer game fans will now have another great game to enjoy apart from games like Dandara, Grimweller and the like. Needless to mention that this is one of the greatest action platformer series.

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