If you buy a cellphone with big RAM then these are 5 advantages

There are many advantages to buying a phone with big RAM. Currently, the mobile phones available in the market are very diverse in specifications and prices. Starting from chipset to battery. You can easily compare which phone you want to buy according to your budget and requirement.

One of the important components you should look at while buying a new phone is its RAM capacity. It is often overlooked as more people are concerned with chipsets or cameras. However, it is also important to take care of RAM so that the phone you buy can work optimally.

Then, what are the benefits if you buy a cellphone with RAM larger than 3GB? Here is the explanation for you.

1. Mobile phone performance is getting lighter

RAM has a function as a place to store data. Therefore, this component plays an important role in the performance of the processor. The higher the RAM capacity, the faster the device will process data.

Without the support of qualified RAM, no matter how good the processor is, the performance of the device will not be maxed out. And to get the most, the RAM support should be large. The more RAM the device has, the lighter the performance of the device.

2. Multitasking Getting Easier

In today’s time, the use of mobile phones has become necessary for multitasking. There are various activities to do with mobile phone at the same time. For example, replying to messages while listening to music.

Well, multiple activities can run smoothly at the same time if the RAM of the phone you are using is large capacity. On the other hand, if your RAM capacity is low, multitasking activities will feel slow.

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This is because RAM acts as a data storage. If the RAM is small, then the application data you open is definitely very full. So the phone will be difficult to process all the activities that you do on your cellphone.

3. Can install multiple apps without distraction

If you have a phone with a small amount of RAM, you certainly won’t be able to download various applications easily. You should think before downloading it. Because apart from filling the RAM, the process of opening it will be slow. Especially if you already have a lot of default applications installed on your phone.

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It’s a different matter if your phone has a lot of RAM. Download several applications, even large ones, everything will be smooth.

4. Play Lag-Free HD Games

Games, especially HD type games, require large RAM capacity to store various important data related to the game. Generally, mobile games with high graphics require enough RAM to run smoothly without lag.

Well, low RAM will not be compatible with many popular games that require fast performance in their games. So for those of you who love to play online games, make sure you choose a phone with a big RAM, yes!

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5. Large apps run smoothly

The point is the same with games. Large applications that require large RAM requirements. Not just to save. But in doing. With a large RAM, from downloading, installing to running applications, it will run smoothly without any problem. and vice versa.

This is an explanation of 5 advantages you need to know when buying a cellphone with large RAM.

Looking for a phone with big RAM? This can be an option!

If you are looking for a phone with big RAM, Vivo Y30 could be an option. Yes, the RAM capacity of this phone is 4GB. With this phone you will be free to do many things.

And it’s not just the RAM that’s awesome, this phone has many other advantages, you know!

1. Have a large capacity battery

This is the first flagship of Vivo Y30. Battery capacity is 5000 mAh. With a capacity of this size, you can do anything freely, without worrying about charging your cellphone over and over again. This cellphone is perfect for gamers. Already the RAM is big, the battery capacity is also jumbo. Guaranteed to have more fun while playing online games.

2. Have a Big HD+ Screen

It also includes the great features of Vivo Y30. The 6.47-inch screen along with the screen type from IPS LCD panel will make the cellphone usage experience enjoyable. And again, the screen technology and size are perfect for those of you who love to play or stream games.

3. AI is quad camera technology

For those who love taking pictures, the Vivo Y30 comes with a sophisticated camera setup that uses the AI ​​quad camera configuration on the rear camera. Its 13 MP resolution is backed by an 8 MP lens on the ultra-wide sensor, as well as two 2 MP lenses on the macro and depth sensors that will surely produce nice sharp images.

4. Have a Larger Internal Memory and RAM

Yes, Vivo Y30 has bigger internal memory and RAM. RAM is 4GB while internal memory is 128GB. With specifications like these, the Vivo Y30 is capable of playing games and other daily activities.

5. Has a Stunning Body Design

This phone of Vivo has a great body. The back body and rear camera design is very beautiful. Be it Moonstone White or Emerald Black variant, both are equally beautiful.

Interested in having this one phone? You can order directly on the Blibly website, you know. You can also find other brands of cell phones and their accessories here. Make sure you only buy what suits your needs. (Galuhid)

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