Mouse Simulator mod apk 1.36 (Free Shopping) for Android.

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For those of you who are interested in engaging and exciting games on your mobile devices, then Mouse Simulator definitely belongs on your list.


Are you interested in the life of a rat? Well, why don’t you explore this amazing mobile game of mouse simulator on your mobile devices? Here, you can have fun role playing as a small rodent and explore the most interesting adventures and life simulation on your mobile devices. Play as little mouse whenever you want and enjoy.

Explore the cool environment in the game with different setups for your little rodents to move around freely. Play and enjoy with absolutely incredible mobile title of mouse simulator. Discover tons of great interactions and fun adventures in the game that will take you on exciting rodent journeys.

Learn more about this amazing mobile title from Avelog and all its amazing features from our comprehensive reviews.

Story and Gameplay

Here in Mouse Simulator, Android gamers will have the most amazing and exciting game of simulation that will allow them to enjoy the most with their new life of mouse. Find yourself freely roaming the jungles or venturing into attics in search of food. Learn how to survive as a mouse and enjoy the amazing game play of mouse simulator on the go.

Enjoy the mouse simulator to the maximum with intuitive touch controls and adjustable elements. Make the most of the interesting locations in the game, which will give you the pleasure of exploring your vast experiences in the game. Enjoy the thrilling game play of mouse simulator with lots of interesting interactions. Level up your mouse and unlock tons of new experiences.

Follow mousey paths with interesting missions and stories that develop throughout the game. Explore the use of powerful upgrades and enhancements to enhance your in-game experiences. Jump into exciting battles as the little mouse. the list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Intuitive controls with adjustable elements

To begin with, Mouse Simulator gamers will have the most intuitive touch controls and adjustable elements in the game, allowing them to freely explore the in-game world. Make the most of the virtual controls and feel free to modify them. From changing interface element sizes to customizing joystick types, the game allows you to get the most out of your in-game experiences and enjoyment in your own ways.

mouse simulator screen 1

interesting to explore places

For those of you who are interested, there are now two interesting places in the mouse simulator to freely visit the game. Here, it is possible for you to explore the vast forest with many interesting locations and arrangements. Or enjoy playing the game in the cottage of the house as a house mouse. Enjoy climbing surfaces and jumping between platforms without any hassle. Enjoy your exciting in-game adventures and have maximum fun with Mouse Simulator on the go.

you have your own mouse soulmate

To make the exciting game of Mouse Simulator even more enjoyable, Mouse Simulator gamers can now have their very own mousey spouse, allowing you to start your own family of rodents. Enjoy playing the game with your partner now by your side. Get access to many of your conversations with him. And now you can allow your spouse to help the family by raising resources himself. Thus, your experience in the game will improve.

mouse simulator screen 2

you have beautiful children

Those of you who are interested can now enjoy the exciting game of mouse simulator where you can create your own baby. Up to level 20 and you can start the birth of your new baby in the family. Make strides in caring for your baby and introducing him to this world. Teach him independent living as a rodent and show him how things work. Then you can let him roam free and have his own family. Thus, continue your own lineage.

Great resource for find and steal

Here in Mouse Simulator, Android gamers will have the most intense gameplay of any mouse simulation, as you can collect 19 different types of resources, each with its own use. Enjoy getting nuts, berries, branches, mushrooms, grass and other items from the forest. Or enjoy playing a game of sneaky as you search houses and steal lots of great items like cheese, bread, cat food, coins, handkerchiefs and more.

mouse simulator 3

interesting build to work on

To make the app more interesting, Mouse Simulator users will now enjoy working with several different constructs in the game. Have fun discovering 11 different pieces of constructions that will introduce you to a variety of resources. Build your new structures in mouse simulator to unlock more features in the game.

Upgrade and repair your nests

And during the process, you’ll also have options to improve and repair your nests. Be sure to gather enough materials for construction. And enjoy using different upgrades to provide your newly upgraded nests in the game.

interesting searches to follow

Throughout the game, mouse simulator gamers will have a number of interesting quests that they can follow. Enjoy playing the amazing mobile title of mouse simulator as you perform different tasks that will take you through the many stages of the game. Complete the challenges with different objectives and find yourself progressing in the game without any hassle.

enjoy your epic battles

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy your most epic battles in mouse simulator, as the game introduces you to great adventures that you can have in the forests and inside the house. Enjoy fighting with spiders, predators and all kinds of other dangerous animals in the jungles. Or you can enjoy the adventures of exciting house mice and fighting devious cats.

mouse simulator screen 4

cool skins to explore

Here in Mouse Simulator, Android gamers will have the most fun and exciting roleplaying game ever. With tons of different skins, you can get your new mice with different looks and interesting features. Enjoy playing the game as your Ghost Mouse, House Mouse, Night Mouse and many more. All of these will allow you to enjoy the most interesting game of mouse simulator in many ways. Just choose your new skins and you can start your new adventure in the game.

Compete with friends through achievements and leaderboards

Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile title of mouse simulator with friends and online gamers whenever you want. Here, the game introduces several leaderboard challenges, which will allow you to compete for the ultimate high score and become the best mouse in the world. Don’t forget to strive for several achievements, which will allow you to earn nice rewards and bragging rights.

available in english and russian

With the game available in English, Russian and being updated, Mouse Simulator gamers will have the most fun playing the game in their own languages. There will be no hassle in entering the game and switching between languages. Various language options will allow you to enjoy the smoothest gameplay of mouse simulator on the go.

Enjoy playing games while offline

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy the exciting game of mouse simulator offline to the maximum. Here, the game lets you enjoy its many features without turning on mobile data or searching for available Wi-Fi networks. Simply log in to the game and start enjoying its many features on the go.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply log into the game and start exploring its many features without paying for your download. Just keep in mind that the free game will come with intrusive ads that may bother you. And if you want to unlock limited features, there will be a premium purchase to pay for.

Get access to our premium mods

And if you want both the free and unlocked version of the game, you might want to consider our modified version of Mouse Simulator instead. Here, we offer unlocked games with ads and free purchases removed, which you can still get for free. just download Mouse Simulator Mod APK On our website, follow the instructions provided, and you are ready to go.

visual and sound quality


Here in Mouse Simulator, Android gamers will always find themselves most impressed by the in-game visuals. Have complete fun playing your simulator title with incredible 3D objects and characters. Enjoy their cool interactions and smooth animations. Also, the realistic physics and in-game visual effects will keep you hooked to the simulation gameplay for hours.

sound and music

Along with interesting graphics, Mouse Simulator gamers also have access to the most amazing audio elements and thrilling soundtracks, which will make the game more exciting.

final thoughts

Here in Mouse Simulator, Android gamers will have the most exciting and engaging gameplay of simulations. Discover yourself rodent lifestyles and enjoy your many in-game interactions. Enjoy fantastic adventures and in-game elements as you create your own mouse stories.

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