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Enter a world of fun with beautiful girls and lively music”Saraswati Dash“! Muse Dash is the perfect combination of fun parkour and upbeat music. The game features fast-paced and straightforward gameplay. Players use their fingers to move characters, overcome exciting challenges, and enjoy great music! Museum Dash owns romantic background in high quality 2D graphics.Get ready to join the musical journey to destroy all powerful opponents!

Best combination of music and action

Muse Dash is a music game. The game has a capacity of around 100MB and has hundreds of thousands of downloads on the system. The game is created and developed by XD Network – the company that has preferred products for good graphics quality. Muse Dash introduces a modern world. Players engage in sporting combat to live music. The game does not require high skills, so players can easily enjoy it. Players will enjoy the unique art design and stylish characters of each level. In particular, other scenes/enemies/bosses will come in different music styles. Muse Dash is an excellent alternative to music games on the phone. The game is a “fresh wind” between the genres of frantic action, complex role-playing or intense strategy. The game offers exciting battles in a great music scene. Saraswati Dash Screen 0

Easy to control with fun music

Muse Dash introduces a beautiful paradise, and the game is very suitable for girls. Players choose attractive “female gladiators”. Each female warrior has her own seductive intro. Male players will love the sexiness of the female characters. However, this game is suitable for everyone because of its cute anime-style design. The female warrior must complete three tasks: collect musical notes, collect items, and defeat all enemies. If you collide with an enemy, you will lose health. However, the character’s health bar is very long, so players can comfortably enjoy exciting levels. The game supports checkpoint points, and the player will start over at a checkpoint if he fails. Museum Dash has a cute, colorful background. People always feel happy and lighter in every fight. The enemy design is also attractive. The overall stuff is very realistic, from the perspective/color scheme to the characters’ movements. The game is an excellent choice if you like musical entertainment. Muse Dash has a reasonably simple control system. Players need a short period of time to get used to the gameplay and master the game. You tap one to go, tap two to kill the monster. You press the screen to “enjoy” the sequence of notes… Of course, you feel difficult at first, but with time everything will settle down. Saraswati Dash-Screen 1

Discover tons of fun characters and music

Museum Dash offers a wide range of options. The game is influenced by music. You experience dozens of exciting music in the system. Each track has its own mission. In addition, items or enemies will appear to the tune of the requested song. Players enjoy a variety of effects in each chord or pause of the song. The game supports over 30 famous songs, and the game is constantly updated with new songs. Muse Dash showcases a variety of musical genres. Players have to face beauties, adorable animals and even cute enemies. You will enjoy some awesome boss. In addition, you can unlock many things: new music, new costumes, new weapons for the character… Each change will bring an exciting experience to the player. Saraswati Dash 2

Lovely 2D graphics and quality music

Museum Dash features high-quality 2D graphics. The game uses a cartoon style for the characters/environment/animals, and the cartoon style creates an incomparable cuteness. The game is also attractive because of the lighting effects, brilliant colors according to the actions of each character. The products are simple yet very attractive. The game produces good graphics quality, and everything is not complicated or annoying. Music Dash is beautiful with music. The music is usually Japanese pop, trance, vocaloid etc. The music is usually electronic. The songs have nice, catchy melodies. Some pieces create a sweet feeling while some create enthusiasm. Music is a “dope dose” and helps you overcome challenging obstacles. In short, music relaxes and inspires players. You can download “Cytus II” to experience an exciting musical game from Rayark Games. The game is the fourth installment in the musical series. The game offers a catchy modern rhyme, unique “Active Judgment Line” rhythm gameplay, over 100 high-quality songs, and over 300 different charts. You can download “Lanota” to join the mysterious world of Japanese music. The game features thrilling tunes and incredible journeys. Players enjoy a variety of styles, experience unique bosses, and get immersed in an immersive art world. Muse Dash 3

enjoy war with music

In short, Mews Dash is a piece of great music, and players will feel the colorful visuals, cute characters, and exciting battles. The game is an excellent combination of Action and Role-playing. The game offers upbeat Jpop music, and players enjoy exciting beats in exciting challenges. The gameplay in Rhythm is unique and impressive. The game also won an award for Outstanding Sound Design at the 2018 Taipei Game Show. Download “Music Dash” to experience an incredible music game with cute female characters!

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